Government News Application

Government News Application

These days, to stay up-to-date, a person simply requires a computer or a mobile device with an application that is continually transmitting freshest news, and that's all. Moreover, this particular person can become your target user, therefore -they are a source of good revenue. This has paved a way for this News application development.

Moreover, the government of any country or any state can disseminate information about its policies and schemes through this channel most effectively. It is at once economical and has a wider reach than other avenues.

Quick Overview:

Government news app is an application which helps you to read daily updates on the government in specific in a mobile phone or a computer. As it is a portable app, users may explore reading news of different regions and category. This news application development will also help the end user to share the news with others.

As it is electronic news, it can host images or a video which represents that particular news. The User has a choice of selecting categories or department for viewing news in the application.

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We at Tvisha Technologies feel ecstatic for being the top news app development company. We are always in line incorporating the latest technologies into its solutions. We design applications that are feasible and cost-effective. Our team is adept at conceptualizing new ideas and transform them into workable applications.

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App Features

Category based news helps users to view news as per their wish for a specific category and subcategory. The user can select news categories like state government news, central government news, and subcategory like state selection and departments in central government. This makes users view the news easily. This makes users view news based on category and subcategory with other news which helps users to never miss news updates.
Government Jobs
Government jobs help the user to view jobs along with news.  The user can view all the details and can apply for the jobs. The user can select categories to get regularly notified for the particular jobs. This helps users to never miss an update about government jobs. These will be regularly notified to users for every updating of jobs. 
Favourite News helps users to mark news and jobs as favorite and can view the news and jobs whenever user required without searching multiple times.  They are saved at a single place as favorite tab and once the user clicks on that they can view all the list which they have marked. This feature has date range filter and category based filter where the user can get his particular news or jobs based upon filter selection. This helps the user to get details without searching in a complex manner.
Comment session for particular news can help the user to share their opinions and view the other user opinions. As this application has a login for particular news, Users shared opinions can view in comment feature. The user can select news or job recruitment and can comment on a particular session. This helps users to discuss particular news at a single place.

Search & Filter
Filter features help application users to get their required things easily. This application has a feature of the filter with a category based, location-based, date based. This application has a search facility where the user can search for news based on category or news headline name or through location name. The details are shown based on the search name.
Poll / Surveys
Poll / Surveys are helpful to know the people opinion. Regularly government news is updated based on public opinions. The user can view news and can select a poll feature and can select or rate the particular news. These all surveys are calculated and shown in percentage based on a number of users polled and selected option.
Share on Social Network
The user will be able to share respective news or job information on any of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, WhatsApp and Instagram. This application has a feature to share the news via a link to view. This helps other users to view the particular news through the link.

Our news application development has a feature called Language selection that helps users to view news in their own language. This helps the application to be available for every user. The user can select the language at any time. 

Easy access to Government news
Easy access to Government news
Regular updates of jobs and news
Multiple Languages made easy
Sharing Opinion through Polls made Easy
Discussion for Particular news made easy through Comment
Access to news related to different departments and regions
our works
Government News feeds API: which provides daily updates on news.Payment gateway API: 
if the app is a subscription based.Translator API: 
To translate into different languages.

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