Laundry Application

Laundry Applicaton

It becomes difficult to spare time for washing clothes in the busy lives of today. People are struck with hectic schedules of their jobs and are unable to find time for home errands. This is the reason they opt for laundry services. This has increased the demand for laundry services and it is a great opportunity for businesses to spread their wings in the realm of the business world.
Our laundry application development company develops an application exclusively who are aspiring to step into this business. Our laundry website developers build apps by keeping track of on-going technologies and methodologies. Our laundry apps will definitely increase ROI for the businesses.

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Our laundry website development company develops an application that can be easily understood and used by the users. Customers can book a service at any time from anywhere. They can choose their required timings of home pick-ups, home delivery services, etc. Our automated application provides in-app payments, tracking of service with GPS, and reminders, etc.

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As a leading laundry application development company, we create a wide range of applications across all business verticals from large scale to small scale.
Our skilled laundry app developers are passionate about satisfying our customers with innovative applications. They provide an extensive range of solutions for laundry to keep it simple for the users.

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App Features

Online booking
Using this feature, customers can register themselves into the application for utilizing the laundry services. They can search for nearby laundry service centres and choose one from the list. It allows the customer to select and book the required service. Customers are allowed for cancelling the booking with a reason filled in the comment box. After completion of booking, the customers receive booking confirmation through SMS, Email, or in-app notifications.
Order Tracking with GPS
Using this feature, customers can track their services. With the order status, the customers can know the pick and delivery timings of clothes. This feature allows the application owner to keep live track on on-time delivery of laundry to the customers.
Automatic reminder
This feature allows the customer to set a reminder and schedule for rendering laundry services. Using this feature, customer can utilize the laundry services at their feasible time either on a weekend or in the fortnight by setting the reminder. Despite a hectic schedule, the automatic reminder feature will alert the customer every weekend to take out the clothes for laundry.
Services Menu
The application owner can list out and display the services provided by the laundrymen so that the customers can view and pick the one they require.
Customer Scheduling
It allows scheduling an appointment using the calendar which is integrated into the app. Customer can schedule booking for the required service or reschedule if he/she missed availing the service. Once the scheduling is done, the customer will receive a confirmation message through SMS / Email.
Offers and Coupons
It allows a customer to see the offers and coupons (along with expiry and validity details) from the list for the desired services according to the categories. Customer can utilize the coupon by entering the code of the coupon generated by the app owner. And after entering the code of the coupon, the customer can see the pay the amount after discount. If the customer missed availing the coupon in the valid time, he/she can't utilize it any more after the expiry of the coupon.
Online payments
After the customer avails the services which are booked, he/she can select the cash, online, or Wallet payment modes. They can finish the payment and receive a confirmation message of payment for availed service from the owner of the app. If the payment fails, he/she will receive an SMS or in-App notification as the payment is unsuccessful.
Real-time automated scheduling
With this feature, customers can receive automated schedules on booking confirmations that are done by the customer. It helps in alerting the customer on all the bookings(existing/upcoming). And provides the booking status such as scheduled, rescheduled or cancelled.
Ratings & Feedback
This feature enables customers to rate and give feedback for the availed service by them in the application. They can view the previous customer’s ratings and feedbacks. Based on these feedbacks and ratings, customers can choose and utilize the services.
Laundry Application
Hassle free booking
Enhanced customer experience – from booking online to delivery at doorstep
Easy, Fast and secured payment
Flexibility and Time Saving
Automatic reminders
Minimizes workload
our works
SMS gateway Integration: For customers to receive laundry booking confirmation, booking status, and Online payment status.Calendar:For customers to schedule an appointment as per their feasible timings.Payment gateway integration: For customers to enable payments.Email integration:For customers to receive booking and scheduling status confirmation.

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