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Technology has shown its influence on each possible area and health care is one among them. There are many pharmacies in the market place that could provide you with peculiar medicines for every ailment. This is what that has increased the demand for the pharmacies in this business world and it could be the revenue driver with the guaranteed surge in ROI.

Pharmacy Software Quick Insights:

As we know pharmaceutical business is a very tangled one and it requires a lot of mental strain in order to organize everything perfectly. So this pharmacy software development helps a lot in such scenarios. It basically deals with the upkeep of the medicines and consumables in the pharmacy unit.

Moreover, the pharmacy management system will assure the availability of the required quantity of medicines and consumable materials for the patient. This system handles all the aspects of the inventory control function. They promote effective management and hence narrows the burden of the chores to a very large extent.

Why choose us?

Being a medical software development company, our developers at Tvisha Technologies understand the speedily growing pharmaceutical industry and we leverage the customizable solutions by employing innovative thoughts. We render a remarkable by having outstanding partnerships with multiple entities.

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App Features

Inventory Management Module:
Here you can track your inventory via an automated system. Your pharmacy staff need not wallow in labour-intensive inventory activities which helps in conserving a lot of time. Moreover this feature aids in enhancing your security as it regulates the access to medications in pharmacy and promotes medication dispensing accuracy. Also, it helps in diluting the pharmacy inventory costs.
Electronic Prescriptions:
Our pharmacy software development entails your pharmacy to receive fresh and refilled prescriptions straight away to the pharmacy management systems from the doctors for the review. This will be advantageous as it promotes the swift dispensing of medicines.
Barcode Verification:
This is one of the important features of our application. Here you can recoup the refill data, Point of Sale (POS) scanning, verification of dispensed product. This aids in enhancing proficiency and accuracy.
POS Integration:
Our medical application development company helps in providing a streamlined Point of Sale system that can be consolidated into the Pharmacy Management System to manage cash flows well on all the floors, chains, owned by the Pharmacy.
Advanced Reporting:
Here your pharmacy staff can generate faster reports by making use of an extensive easy-to-use library of built-in reports, and also custom reports which are based on specific data that you wish to track & include in the report.
Data Management:
A large amount of data and information regarding the list of items has to be maintained by the pharmacy. Our pharmacy software development company aids in loading the entire data from an Excel/CSV file to reduce your struggles.
Order Processing:
Here all the orders prescribed by the clinicians or other staff are colonized in their respective departments after going on through the process of billing. These services are billed on the concerned billing counters depending upon the category of the patient (i.e Cash, insured, guest, staff etc.)
Cost-effective solutions at your end!
Shortened dispensing errors.
Express prescription processing and precise filling.
Improved control over expenses.
Greater inventory accuracy.
Less paperwork.
Enhanced Customer Retention
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Barcode scanner:
Used for verification of dispensed medicines.

POS Integration:
The device used for Inventory and billing process.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

MyPharmacy - Medical_Store_Billing_App
The app can be access by you and your staff same time and bills & stock data will sync with all devices in real time.

Pharmacy app
It complements the existing Doc Receptionist app and Doc app.

PharmacyLite is a pharmacy store & business management software.
Medi-App connects pharmaceutical companies to distributors, stockists, and chemists.


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