How to Develop On-demand eBook App Like Kindle?
Published October 24,2019 by Vrushanjali Thippabathula

How to Develop On-demand eBook App Like Kindle?

“Carrying an e-book mobile app is like carrying a bibliotheca”

E-books (electronic books) are the digital books that emerged to enhance the reading and learning experience with wholesome libraries in one place. Portability, readability, accessibility, and many other features have made these digital books a lot more powerful than printed counterparts. As technology is progressing, the reading habits of people are also transforming than ever before. The rise of utilizing eBooks apps such as Kindle reveals the significant rise in online reading which has become an advantage for mobile app developers. Voracious readers and book lovers will find this environmental-friendly app a great opportunity to satiate their hunger for reading. 

What is Kindle?

Kindle, a reading device and mobile application developed by Amazon has made a breakthrough in the digital world with millions of books of various titles. Users can download two modes of apps namely Kindle and Kindle Lite. Everything you do with a book syncs to the apps on everywhere mobile, desktop, and Kindle itself.

Kindle’s Paperwhite model:

It is a waterproof device with a high-resolution glare-free display with 8GB of storage capacity and is accessible over WiFi and has battery capacity for weeks.

  • It is handy and cost-effective
  • Built-in WiFi and Dictionaries.
  • A great source for reading all kinds of books in the various genre in all languages

What are the features that make Kindle a breakthrough app?

  1. Registration or login:

    This is the first step every user has to go through to access the kindle library. Once you have Kindle credentials, you can use them everywhere to purchase your desired books. All your bookmarks saved pages, and wish lists can be synced with the one account with ease.

  2. Multi-platform availability:

    This application is available on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

  3. Night mode:

    The adjustable built-in light allows the user to switch between the blue light to white and black color. The text color turns to white and the background color to black which helps in reducing eye strain.

  4. Translation of language:

    You can read multi-lingual books and understand them with ease. Since it has a feature that translates the words of another language

  5. Time to read:

    This feature act as a self-assistant while reading. It provides the time required to read the book or a page or a chapter. Also records your reading time with which you can improve your reading skills.

  6. X-Ray: 

    This feature allows users to view all the information associated with the specific topics, places that occur across the page, a chapter or the entire book in graphical representation.

  7. VoiceView screen reader:

    It gives spoken feedback to explain the activities taken on the screen. You can use this over Bluetooth available in Kindle.

  8. Customization:

    Users can adjust the font size, colors (invert colors from black to white), line spacing, format, font face, margins as per their choice.

  9. Audiobooks:

    Users who do not have time to read can listen to the audios as you do with listening to music.

  10. Dictionary, Google and Wikipedia links:

    Hooray! A great bonus is available with this single application. This is the full potentiality of this app. It has multi-lingual built-in dictionaries. You can know the meaning on the spot. If you require more information about a word or a person, you can receive information from Google and Wikipedia resources links within the app itself.

  11. Read offline:

    What could be another great Android eBook app development out there that allows offline reading like Kindle? Kindle enables you to read books offline which is a great aid if you have low internet speed.

  12. Highlights and Notes:

    You can highlight a block of text with different colors and you can also able to see what others highlighted in the book through turning on popular highlights. It can become easier when you read again or want to read them in the future. You will see them as dotted underlines. Besides, you can write notes based on your opinions on the topic on any page between lines and can share it with your friends on Evernote web clipper. This feature will be very helpful for research scholars.
  13. Page flip:

    This feature enables the users to move to another page or book without bookmarking the current page or book. You will find a screen within the screen. It allows easy navigation through books and pages.

  14. Send to Kindle:

    If you are reading more books from other resources, you can send them all to Kindle through Amazon's ‘send to Kindle’ feature. You can send documents, articles and you can forward emails, schedules, syllabus, etc.

  15. Collections:

    It is a feature that allows you to organize all your book collection based on type, class, or project or subject-wise. However else you like.

  16. Text-To-Speech:

    It helps users by reading the text or a book aloud.

  17. Goodreads community:

    Users can find other e-readers and discuss the books and any other topi through this community.


An e-book app development like Kindle requires advanced features like page flip, customization, dark mode, offline accessibility, Google and Wikipedia links to the app etcetera.

Whether you are an education institute or a business whose intention is providing the huge stack of books available for all and accessible by all, you can design an app like Kindle by tying-up with an iOS e-book app development company that can create unique features like Kindle.

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