• Customer relationship management - CRM

    Customer relationship management is all about engaging your clients intuitively. Customer relations is a specialized phenomenon needing expert handling. Attract your clients with our well-tuned client relationship management suite. Each business has unique needs which need TOTB solutions– “think out of the box” solutions. We understand your needs, research for solutions, decide the strategy in consultation with you, decide on the approach and implement with precision for outstanding results. Our CRM solutions afford a down to earth approach. We at Tvisha Technologies adopt a linear and logical bouquet of CRM services to suit varied business needs. As the one who understands relationship management in the right perspective, our services cater to the CRM for small business as well as provide top-drawer erp crm solutions. Our cloud based crm facilities enable you to automate your day-to-day business functions and relieve you from dabbling in dry data.

    Our crm consultancy 's service encompasses from the Alpha to Omega – leaving nothing to chance. Our professionally trained relationship management experts take it upon them to keep your customers a happy lot. Our customer engagement strategy keeps track of:

    • Customer Management.
    • Customer Satisfaction Monitoring.
    • Live Chat Support
    • Developing FAQ guidance and customer orientation material.
    • Post delivery support.
    • Trouble Shooting.