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Providing quality and timely healthcare solutions to all is the need of the hour in this current scenario where there are newborn, emerging diseases, and illness expels everywhere than ever before. The availability of information and services under a single roof is an aisle way to make it happen.

Here comes the advantage of Astra Healthcare, an informative application that provides quality health care services at affordable prices for all demographics under a single roof. This application consists of various pages such as home, About, blog, clinics, diagnostics, pharmacy, home care, Quick contact form, and other services such as e-health, medical tourism, healthcare solutions to corporate clients, and pre-employment check.

Admin can view and manage all the appointments, pages, categories, the list of contact us forms, social media pages and provide the required healthcare services to app users or patients.

On the other hand, users or patients can book an appointment through the Quick Contact Us form to avail of services in various healthcare categories such as clinics, diagnosis, pharmacy, home care, wellness center, and other services.

Also, they can view all the information related to various healthcare solutions through blogs and connect with the app owner through social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Integrated Features

User Access

This feature allows the user to view all the pages such as home page, about us page, home care page, pharmacy page and categories such as Clinics, Diagnostics, E-Health, Medical tourism and Pre-employment check in the application. He/She can upload the prescription through the form provided in the application and post query through the quick contact form. Also, the user can provide feedback through a form that includes user name, phone number, email, and message.

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