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Astra wellness & Nutrition is an informative health application that provides wellness and nutrition care services such as Weight loss program, Health heart diet plan, Optimal nutrition evaluation, Body transformation program, Cancer prevention & Support program, Health & Wealth transformation, and Food sensitivity testing.

This website helps the users to contact relevant doctors to avail of the aforementioned health wellness programs, nutrition plans, dietetics consultation by submitting an appointment form with their details such as name, mobile number, email, subject, and message. Patients can make online consultations, avail of a wide variety of health checkups, or directly have clinic consultations as per their preferences. Also, they can book an appointment with the doctor directly on the doctor’s page provided on the website by furnishing essential details such as name, phone number, email, and message.

Apart from the aforementioned services, the users can view all other pages in this application such as Home, Testimonials, Blog, Events, Appointment form, Feedback forms, Contact us form, and many other pages. All the pages in the application will be managed by admin from the back-end.

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Integrated Features

Admin Login

This feature allows the admin to login to the application and he will get a confirmation message on successful login the registered mobile number. If the admin forgets the password, he/she can retrieve it by providing OTP that comes to the registered mobile number via message. Thus, it helps the admin to retain the password if he forgets. Also, the admin can view the user appointment and feedback list when he logs in to the application.

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