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  •  The patients can get the Dokup dental camera from their doctors.
  • The patients' app is ready to download from the play store and app store.
  • The patients can register with the app, providing the required details.
  • The patients can add their inspection with a title and short description. The patients can add images and videos using the dental cam.
  • The dental cam uses Wifi tech to establish a connection with the patient's mobile camera. The patient can then record the videos or capture photos and save them on the application.
  • The Dokup app entirely relies on the dental camera for capturing photos and videos while adding an inspection.
  • In the Android / iOS application, the client had requested not to store the images and videos taken using the dental camera on the patients' local storage.
  • The patient app was working without hurdles for android versions up to 10. Above those versions, patients could not upload images and videos using the dental cam. The app was crashing at the time of upload.
  • For the first challenge, our developers configured the path in such a way that the images and videos were saved directly on the server instead of the local storage.
  • In android version 11, the developer set different permissions as supported in the updated version.
  • Dokup is an instant messaging service between patients and doctors, which facilitates the monitoring of the progress of treatments and patient monitoring and offers support service at any time and from anywhere. It provides a personalized service between doctor and patient, improving communication between both. It also enables efficient scheduling of appointments, optimizing the time management of appointments to make the service more comfortable for the customer, allowing to avoid previous visits.
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