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  • The clients can sign-up and use the app for a few days on a trial basis, beyond which they need to subscribe to a plan.
  •  The clients can add sites, as mentioned in the plan.
  • The layout of the chat window is customizable. The Welcoming heading of the chat window can be chosen by the user admin(client). The color, font size, font family are set to default in the beginning and then can be customized as per their choice. This customization is manageable only by Super Admin and authorized Admin for the account. This customization can be done for sites individually.
  • The chat window will be visible on the website for which it is assigned. All the incoming chats, and visitor details (Country, OS, Browser, repeated customer, date of visit, time of visit) who are on the website, will be visible to the agent assigned for that chat.
  •  The message options for an agent will have controls like a reply to a specific message sent by visitors, delete the message, view message info (date, time, read receipts like seen, delivered, unsent, sent but not delivered) and download message formats like images, videos.
  •  The messaging formats available are images, videos, documents, and URLs that can be sent and received over the chat. A caption along with the image or video message with a limit of 150 characters can be sent.
  • The agent will be a person assigned by the client (user admin) to a specific site. The agent will view a visitor’s queue list. This list will contain details like visitor name, the status of visit based on the wait time. The agent can request user details which will trigger a form on the visitor's chat window.
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Payment gateway

A third-party payment gateway was integrated for users to subscribe to a plan by making payments online.

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