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Gussmann Technologies is a fleet management application. This application is used to keep a 'live track' of all the vehicles status on the map. This application also allows Live vehicle tracking and get notified if there are over speed and crossing proposed Geo-Fence to travel. The user can view the fuel status, refilling of fuel and the receipt numbers of the fuels.

Simulation feature allows a user to add a vehicle start and end location, where the user can view the simulation of a vehicle. Immobilization feature allows a user to start or stop a vehicle from the application.

Events feature allows a user to view the events such as harsh breaks, geo fence cross, etc.

This application shows the vehicle status as Idle hours, Hailing hours & Working hours. This application trigger alerts such as Power cut, Ignition On/Off, Panic, Towing, Data delay, Harsh break. The trip summary report allows a user to keep a track of the trips of each vehicle. This application is developed with the integrations of API and SDK of the vehicle tracker.

Note: Tvisha has developed the application in 'iOS platform' whereas the Admin Panel and Android application is already available with the client.

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The dashboard of this application allows a user to view the total consumption of a vehicle, Total trips made by a vehicle, Total distance travelled by a vehicle, Average speed of a vehicle. User can also view the events on the dashboard like Rapid accelarations, Harsh breaks, Harsh corners, Top speed of a vehicle. Other details of vehicles like total vehicles travelling, total vehicles stopped, total vehilces idling, and total vehicles power cut can be seen on the dahsboard

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