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  • Using Kanki, consumers can connect with a service provider. The app provides various service providers, such as Day Labour, Agricultural Equipment, Technicians, and Monthly Labour.
  • Consumers can select the service provider type, categories, and sub-categories, select the date and number of labor hours or equipment they need, and set the nearest location where they want services.
  • Based on the inputs provided, the service provider list will be filtered.
  • Consumers can select up to 5 laborers and communicate with them using IVR technology integrated with the mobile app.
  • The consumers can then complete their booking using the options provided on the IVR menu.
  • The consumers can connect with multiple service providers consecutively, on the IVR call, without having to reselect from the app. They have an option to cancel the booking already placed.
  • In case of booking cancellation, the consumers and service provider will receive an auto-generated IVR call for the same.
  • Service providers can register and select the services they are interested in providing consumers.
  • If a service provider cannot register, they can call the customer executive, who will add the service provider.
  • The service provider's data is also collected using an agent app.
  • The app is in both English and Telugu languages.
  • The main functionality of the Kanki app is IVR to connect the service providers and consumers.
  • The IVR, a third-party integration solution, only provided a CRM for setting call flow and call connection. There was no way to get and take action based on the user's inputs over the call. E.g., The service provider to whom the user was booking by pressing option 1 or connecting to the next provider by pressing option 2. The call was working without any issue only for the first service provider, and we were failing to establish a connection for the consecutive service providers
  • For booking canceled, the consumers and service providers could not identify which booking ID was canceled.
  • In a single call flow, a service provider on leg 1 had to disconnect the call, which led to ending the call altogether.
  • The consumer had to wait again to receive a call from IVR to connect with the following service provider and went through the whole procedure from the beginning until the call was connected with the last service provider.
  • For the first challenge, our developers create a webhook for storing the input provided by a particular user over call for making the booking (option 1) or connecting to the next provider (by pressing option 2). The call was now connecting with all the service providers consecutively, as selected by consumers.
  • For the second challenge, our developer passed a URL consisting of the message and dynamic booking IDs, which were being canceled by consumers, helping them to understand.
  • For the third challenge, our developer suggested changing the entire flow by interchanging the initial connection from Service provider to Consumer to Consumer to Service provider. This way, even though the service provider would disconnect the call, the consumer would always be on call and provide input to connect with the next provider.
  • We have resolved the issue of establishing twice the number of calls the consumer had to connect.
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Integrated Features

SMS gateway

To receive a booking confirmation or cancellation details via SMS. Both the consumer and service provider against whom a booking has been made, receive an SMS which helps them to keep a record of their booking offline as well, in case they are not able to access their app.

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Client Says

Farmers' efforts and contributions motivated me to do something for them that shall assist them in their work. I conducted a lot of research and discovered what I could offer as an entrepreneur. I sent Tvisha all of the information I have and they turned it into a Kanki app. Farmers may find agricultural labor, agricultural equipment, and agricultural technicians through Kanki. With all due respect to their educational background, on my inputs Tvisha included an IVR call function in Telugu and English for them to connect with service providers, consumers, and others. My app users praised this concept and were ecstatic, and I feel Tvisha played a significant role in it. Tvisha, thank you for creating such a user-friendly app.

Ramana Reddy
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