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Mutual Caller- The smartest solution for the intensified smartphone experience. It is a smooth and highly reliable application developed by Tvisha Technologies. Witness our pristine innovation which enables everyone to acquire the details of every unknown call they receive.

Short Insights of Mutual Caller:

• By using Mutual caller one can identify their Mutual Contacts and can also have 24X7 access to their mutual contacts data from any mobile.

• Unknown calls are displayed in Green that clearly helps the users to distinguish between the known and unknown calls.

• It lists common contacts of the user every time when they get a call. Every time when the user gets an unknown call, Mutual Contacts feature helps to take a quick decision of accepting or rejecting the call.

• In the case of mobile theft, damaged, misplaced, the Virtual Sign In helps you to access the data of mobile contacts. In such cases you just need your friends mobile to see your mobile contacts, you have 24X7 access to your contacts information. All you need to do is to sign In virtual sign In option of Mutual caller.

This application is a blend of the latest technologies and innovative ideologies that are implemented by our group of proficient techies. Moreover, our application is 'simple to use' and can be easily penetrated into the minds of the users. It comprises top-notch functionalities and promotes an efficient call management system.

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Mutual Contacts:

Calls from Unknown numbers are a mobile user's quandary. Not all Unknowns are unwanted but there is no way to filter them. Not anymore! Mutual Caller lists Mutual Contacts – common friends, if any, of you and the unknown caller. Unknown calls with at least one mutual contact are shown in Green. Those with no Mutual Contacts are in Yellow / Orange. That's a colorful solution to a tricky issue!

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We have been associated with Tvisha since 2 years and it is a good company to work with. They have understood our requirement and developed the app accordingly.Let your idea be anything they will make it real for you. I highly recommend everyone to approach in the first place. For your reference, you can review our product Mutual Caller App and Web.

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