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The constant technological developments in healthcare have rescued innumerable lives and improved the standard of life even more. These advancements in medical technology have enabled physicians to diagnose and treat their patients effectively. Despite these improvements, the chores associated with the medical procedures have also increased.

Tvisha Technologies feel delighted to set foot into the field of Healthcare App Development. We are proud to develop an app for Ucchvas which is a post-hospitalization rehabilitation service with different specializations like Ortho Rehabilitation, Neuro Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Onco-Rehabilitation, Sports Rehabilitation etc. They wanted to automate their medical procedures from every corner to restrain the scope of manual intervention in the

Since Ucchvas is a is a highly regarded post-hospitalized rehab services provider, it's vital part totally relies on the patient’s past medical history. Our clients wanted us to knock out the manual process involved in the day to day staff activities primarily in the area of patient management and medical records to speed up and increase efficiency.

As our clients’ services mainly hinge on patients’ records, bills, third-party solution integration for accounts etc, this data is highly crucial for the patients as well as the management. So the other challenge that we had to tackle was to eliminate data hindering and to assure automated record generation.

Moreover, Ucchvas team wanted new software that could follow the guidelines of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)/ Electronic Health Record (EHR) in order to ensure efficient data management.

To fix the first challenge our developers created independent modules that could fetch and reserve the data and medical records of the patients spontaneously.

For the second one, we developed a feature which ruled out the data hindering. This resulted in the increased customer approach and it also facilitated the patients and respective staff to rely on the system.

Furthermore, It allowed the internal staff of Ucchvas to communicate with other apps like business chat application etc which functions with high efficiency.

Some features exclusively for the Administrator and the staff of Ucchvas,

  • We also developed a feature which enables the administrator to upload software services in the system which are to be displayed to patients to book an appointment, also he/she can upload services which are only for internal purpose.
  • Also, the physiotherapist/doctor can organize their slots and availability from the app with which patient can book an appointment with respective Physiotherapist / Doctor.
  • The Receptionist can register a patient and can book an appointment or service for the patient. They can also generate a bill against the services/appointments booked for respective patients.

Some features exclusively for the users,

  • Our highly advanced features facilitate the users to directly book an appointment in their required times with the Ucchvas.
  • We also developed a feature where the user can directly opt for the services they desire.
  • We designed a feature which allows the user to directly book an appointment directly with the specialists.
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“Tvisha provides us with very effective support for a high maturity of development. We want to further optimize and fine-tune rest of our processes in order to achieve the next level of maturity. This means that we must carry out projects in accordance with an adaptable standard process and ensure that processes are continually improved.”

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