Android 7.1 Special Enthusiastic Feature Spotlight
Published October 28,2016 by Tvisha

Android 7.1 Special Enthusiastic Feature Spotlight

Google is back with its latest Android version. A month ago Android Nougat 7.0 was deployed. As promised by Google, Android Development Companies have more to wait for this month end. Google will soon release update to Nougat 7.0. Come this month end, Nougat 7.1 will swamp the market. However, these Nougat 7.1 updates will be available only for Google Pixel smart phones for the present.

It seems like Google is more concentrating on its Nexus device currently and is proposing a quick update for its Pixel devices. Google is on track to grab its Nexus audience for its Pixel Smartphones. Well, let’s see where it is exactly leading in the era of smartphones.

To experience the new Android 7.1 version you have to acquire Google Pixel and Pixel XL. You can book Google Pixel and Pixel XL with either Amazon or Flipkart.

1. How to get Pixel smartphones to get Android 7.1?

To get Pixel smartphones, one can place an order earlier on Verizon and Google website and also from BestBuy Stores in the US which will be having 7.1 version in-built.

Well, the upcoming Android Nougat 7.1 is coming as a Developer Preview for the Nexus devices. Means those update will be available only for Nexus devices.

Later on by December, mostly the N line devices might be having the complete support of Android Nougat 7.1. It may take time for other manufacturers to do the update. Even the 7.0 version is hardly found on other manufacturers device except for few Google’s devices.

So, if you want to install the developer preview, then have a look over the installation of the developer preview.

2. Installing a developer preview:

Android developers who are keen to know about installing a developer preview.

Here are the methods – select any one of the methods to install developer preview.

  • By downloading the OTA zip file, you can get the latest preview build for your android piece.

  • To get the developer preview OTA, you have to sign for the Android Beta program.

  • Download the whole factory image as a TGZ file and then by using the flast.bat method you can flash the picture to the phone.

  • So, try any of the one steps as per your convenience and get the developer preview installed.

Now, before getting the phone, if you want to know about the uniqueness of the Android 7.1 then take a look at its features outlined here.

3. Features of Android Nougat 7.1

  • Smart storage: Yes, Google has added the facility of cleaning up your old files. You get deleting options for your old photos and videos in 30days, downloads and apps in 90days. Once you back up your data, you can delete it.

  • Restart options: Finally Google has come up with the long waited restart button on it power menu.

  • App Shortcuts: App shortcut would help in getting and launching the app easily. It would come with a menu on long pressing the apps.

  • Quick Switching: Quick switching is one of the best features which comes right up there at the camera shortcut. It works faster and better than other devices. All you need to do is just double click to switch to most recent apps.

  • Notifications Panel: This has become an additional asset for Pixel and Nexus which have Android Nougat 7.1 version. By using this, we can easily access settings tab.

  • Security Patch Version: You can have a date fixed earlier. On tapping this date you can get a security notification.

  • Google Camera: Camera opens when voice is given, it opens and waits for 3 seconds (extendable upto a max of 30second) to capture a pic.

These are the main features, Along with these, it has other features which are loved by Android development companies like the auto-rotation of the navigation bar. You can even directly send GIFs from the keyboard.


Well, now it might be clear about Nought 7.1 regarding its availability, features and how to install it on the phone. So, try Android Nougat 7.1 by ordering for the upcoming Nexus or Pixel phone.

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