IOT Projects Done By Engineering Students in 2020 | IOT Projects
Published February 04,2020 by Elon Musk

IOT Projects Done By Engineering Students in 2020 | IOT Projects

We are in the era of automation and innovation. As humans we love to let things work in their own way; which is possible through IOT a.k.a Internet of Things. It is an advanced technology that makes lives simpler, smarter, and securable. With this emerging internet technology, the budding is enthusiastic to develop IOT Projects that have the potential to become an industry revolution.

IoT is basically a user interface that lets the user integrate with almost all kinds of electronic devices to give a new smarter existence. This technology is being adapted to many industries with each passing day because it offers real-time analytics, cloud data storage, remote notification etcetera.

According to reports, it is known that more than 50 billion devices will get connected with IoT by 2020. The scope comes with the complexity. The best way to learn IoT is to  develop IOT Projects and build IoT applications that give a hands-on experience.

So, In this blog, I am discussing the top IOT Projects that have been done by the engineering students in 2020:

Weather Monitoring System:

When you are curious to know the humidity of your house on real-time basis, it is possible to know with just a click. With the integration of essential sensors with the electronic device, it would send updates to the user from an isolated location. The system is programmed in a way that user can get notified considering the threshold value you have set up. Isn’t it fascinating? How IoT technology can give you weather report at anytime, anywhere.

All you gotta have is a DHT11 sensor for sensing temperature, Arduino microcontrollers to manage the device, and ESP8266-01 as Wi-Fi module to upload data IoT cloud.

Automated Street Lighting System:

This is one of the fascinating internet of things applications. The main theme in developing this project roadmap is to produce a mechanism which has the ability to switch on/off street lights automatically considering the intensity of light existent around.

The system is designed in a way that whenever the intensity drops below a threshold value you had set, it will promote the switching on/off of the street light. The obtained data is then collected and sent to the cloud for further analyzation and interpretation of the power consumed.

To build this unique system, you would need Arduino Uno with ESP8266 to control the device, LDR sensor that has the variable resistance that varies according to the light intensity that falls upon, and few other electrical appliances. The programming language needed to build this application is Arduino Programming (C++).

Smart Water Monitoring System:

With rapid urbanization, it has become quite a difficult task to manage the water consumption by people living within the city. So, they have come with an innovative solution under IoT; where they have developed an electronic device that could detect the flow of water within the pipe through the water flow sensor. Then it sends the water usage data to the microcontroller which further transfers to the cloud.

The user can access the data from anywhere on the planet for insights. The gathered data can now be used to recognize the volume of water one has consumed over a certain period of time, identifying the leakage of a system, etcetera.

With the help of IoT app development company, you can build this water monitoring system. However, you would require three major components such as:

Flow Sensor:

It identifies the water flow within the pipe and transmits the data for interpretation.

Arduino Uno:

It is the brain of the whole system as it processes the data from the sensor

ESP 8266 WiFi Module:

It integrates the system to the cloud for storage and analyzation of the information collected.

Smart Building using IoT:

Automation has changed the way we see at smart homes. Home automation has turned out as one the excitements we all wanted to experience. With this IoT project, you have to develop an electronic device that can recognize the presence of people inside the room. The electronic device would facilitate the on and off of the existent electrical appliances.

Based on the human presence, it will automatically ON or OFF the lights. The system would then send the data about the occupants to the cloud for storage and further analyzation.

With just a bit of tweak, you can even modify the system to perform other functionalities such as theft monitoring system. The components need to build this system are:

Arduino Uno with ESP8266 for interpretation, PIR sensor, Electrical appliances, and a buzzer.


We have provided the IoT projects that would certainly add a value to your profile as well as ensuring that you learn while you build. Let us know in the comments section what is in your arsenal:

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