The Best 5 Open Source Desktop Email Clients
Published September 26,2022 by Tvisha Technologies

The Best 5 Open Source Desktop Email Clients

Do Email Clients Really Matter?

Email is a stand-alone communication mode for any business. However, having multiple accounts and managing them on different platforms consumes precious money.

Got confused?

Time is Money, Right?

Here comes the advantage of open source email client that organizes emails and keep your inbox sorted through a single user interface. These email clients windows save a lot of time for businesses (in other terms, gains you profits). So, it has become the need of the hour to pick the best email software to boost your productivity.

Elevate your small businesses with one of today’s popular open source desktop email clients mentioned here.

All email clients render almost the same features, but some of them come with additional features. 

Read on to know more about Best Free Email Clients

1. Mailtrim:

Mailtrim is the best free email client that works for all desktops-Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is a perfect tool for both small businesses and big giants.This open source email can support IMAP and POP3 servers. The features that vie anybody’s attention are.

  • Great UI: This open source email client is designed with simple and stylish icons and a good layout that fits the monitor of any size. Hence, it can be accessed at ease and quickly.
  • Clutter-free inbox: No restrictions on the number of accounts. It lets you manage multiple email accounts within a single inbox and classify them separately for quick access. You can access all contacts in this single interface as well.
  • Integrations: Cloud storage apps like Google Drive and Dropbox and CRM that enables you to build a strong and long-term relationship with your clients are integrated into this application.
  • Excellent E-mailing: You can label emails with a flag, add a note, and schedule emails. You can create signatures that will be added directly while composing a message. The advanced filters let you find out the required file wherever it is.
  • Preview: You can preview emails, images, and documents without opening them through this Open Source Desktop Email Clients.
  • Advanced Search: This feature lets you retrieve the required mails in a fraction of seconds. No need to go through the entire inbox.
  • Security: PGP support makes emails more secure and confidential.
  • Respond later: This reminds you of important emails that need to be replied in due time.
  • Customization: Display, reminders, and interface can be customizable as per your preferences.
  • EventCalendar: It lets you schedule emails with notes, highlights, and colors and get notified on the same.

2. eM Client:

It is another desktop email client that is available for Windows and Mac OS and compatible with multiple mail servers. It comes with full support for all email services like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. and also with RSS feed support.

Its wide range of features include:

  • Message encryption: This open source email client feature enables more security to your most confidential emails.

  • Calendar and Tasks: You can customize various views and interface, send invitations, and get reminders for all.

  • Contacts organization: Contacts can be synchronized with Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, Office 365, and Outlook. Users can view and manage communication and attachment history for each contact.

  • Advanced search and filters: These features in this Open Source Desktop Email Clients let you retrieve the exact email or attachment that you want.

  • Templates & Signatures: eM Client has a wide variety of email templates to design appealing emails and you can add signatures so that you need not to sign each time you compose a mail.

  • Conversation view: With this feature, all the messages are grouped automatically for easy access.

  • Integration: Chat services like Facebook, Google Talk, and Jabber. Thus, it is considered as an instant messenger.

  • Backup: All the data can be backed up when you need it. YOU no need have the fear of loss of important mail threads.

  • Spell checker: Just go on writing. The spell checker will let you know when there are grammatical errors.

  • Offline access: You can manage emails even in offline through this open source email client.

  • Message Encryption: You can sendPGP or S/MIME encrypted emails easily.

  • Premium features include unlimited email accounts, Email translator, VIP support, and Access to the license manager.

3. Mailbird:

This free open source mail client for PC provides you multiple accounts support and other additional features that make email management more hassle-free.

It’s features include:

  • Contacts manager: You canmerge contacts, create groups, customize interface, themes, and signatures), and use various shortcuts to compose emails and manage them quickly.

  • Customized layout and free themes allow you to customize the view you want.

  • App integration: Mailbird, the open source email client is integrated with storage apps such as Dropbox, Google docs, and Degoo; social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter; chat and video conferencing tools like Slack, Asana; task manager tools like Todoist, Trello,; and Google and kin calendar.

  • Messaging: You can send, unsend, receive, and filter emails. Besides, you can give in-line replies for more clarity.

  • Offline access: You can organize emails even in offline in this Open Source Desktop Email Clients.

  • Multi-lingual support: It supports around 21 languages.

  • Snooze: You can postpone a reply by snoozing messages lateras per the priority of the email.

  • Attachment Features: You can attach emails by simply a drag and drop. Also, you can get attachment reminders and the attachment search retrieves you the exact file that you want.

  • Customer support: Users of Mailbird will have all-around technical support from the

  • Premium features: If you want to use it commercially, go for the premium. Unlimited email accounts setup, Snooze email feature, email speed reader, attachment quick preview, Linkedin Lookup, and custom sounds are its features that manage emails even smarter.

4. Spike:

Spike is a cloud-based email client that is available for Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android. It’s rich-feature set include:

  • Built-in group chat: No need to ping a single message in this open source email clients windows to multiple people of your team instead you can have a group chat that speeds up the workflow. Even the people who don’t use Spike can join the group.

  • You can connect all your Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Hotmail, Office/Outlook 365, GoDaddy email, AOL, IONOS mail, Exchange, and all IMAP mail accounts to Spike’s unified inbox.

  • Calendar, Notes, Task: Create tasks, events, or appointments and add notes to them for more productive email management.

  • Advanced search: This open source email client lets you find any file in a blink of an eye.

  • Video and Audio calls: This feature lets you connect with your team/clients via audio/video calls.

  • Real-time messaging: read receipts, send later, undo send, snooze are the basic features that streamline the way of emails. You can include multi-media to emails. You can also use translate, text-to-speech, and voice notes for better email management.

  • Priority inbox: It lets you concentrate on important mails by sending other unimportant messages and newsletters into another inbox.

  • File preview: You can view the content of a file without opening or downloading it.

  • Reminders: This open source email client feature alerts you on incoming emails and to-do lists.

  • Instant Unsubscribe: It enables you to unsubscribe from unnecessary promotional emails and other subscribed newsletters in a fly.

  • Email encryption: It lets your confidential data, attachments, and emails even more confidential.

5. Thunderbird:

It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Thunderbird is the only free and open source mail clients that is viable for everyday personal use. If you don’t want to go for a premium in your lifetime, it is the best option. Linux users get the maximum benefit out of this email client.

  • No clunky interface, glitchy performance, and lack of advanced features!.

  • You can have add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins within this single interface.

  • Attachments: No need to bother about the huge stack of files as this sends bulk amounts of attachments without any hassles.

  • Integrations include Manoderecha, RadioGNU protocol, Cardbook, and TbSync.

  • Customized Interface: This Open Source Desktop Email Clients customized interface lets you change the way of the view of email as you want.

  • Autorespond:This open source email client feature provides a reply automatically thus saves time.

  • Message filters: You can have advanced filters that

  • Avatars: This feature lets you download this app at ease.

  • Read and send receipts: It lets you confirm on emails whether they were delivered/read or not.

Wrapping Up:

The open source desktop email clients can push your business ahead of competitors by streamlining your workflow. So, here are the best 5 open source desktop email clients that help you in organizing your emails which saves time. Many Startups and big businesses mainly use these email clients. So, sort out your inbox using a single user interface and arrange your emails without the confusion of finding them by utilizing any of the best open-source email clients.


1. Which mail client is open-source?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a more popular open source email client than other email clients. It has many features with various supporting plugins like theming, management of large files, and calendar support.

2. What email software that is an OSS?

Tutanota is the safe and secure open source alternative to Gmail and Co with a complete focus on privacy, ease of use, and Security.

3. Does Google have a desktop email client?

Google doesn't have any desktop email client for Gmail. So the users are stuck utilising internet browser windows as it's the only route to access the Gmail account.


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