Python vs JavaScript: Who Will Win the Battle?
Published November 19,2022 by Tvisha Techonolgies

Python vs JavaScript: Who Will Win the Battle?

What would you pick Python or JavaScript as your next (or even the first) programming language to learn? But since you’re reading this, you probably have no idea which one would be a better fit for you.

Don’t worry: you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to find out:

  • What Python and JavaScript are;
  • What they’re typically used for;
  • How they compare when it comes to their popularity, learning curve, and more.

And if you still can’t make up your mind by the end of this text, even if you compare python vs JavaScript, you always have an alternative. You can free up time by outsourcing your homework to services like to learn both! The saying “the more languages you know, the better” applies to software development, too.

What Is Python, Exactly?

Python is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. “General-purpose” means that it can be used for any type of project. That’s why this language isn’t a purely front-end or back-end one – it can be both. “Object-oriented,” in its turn, means that objects are the main building blocks that Python code consists of.

Here’s the scope of projects that typically involve coding in this programming language:

  • Data science;
  • Computer vision and image processing;
  • Scientific computing;
  • Database programming;
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • Back-end (i.e. server-side) development.

What Is JavaScript, Exactly?

JavaScript, in its turn, is considered a scripting language (but, to be fair, it supports object-oriented programming, too). This means it’s used to write instructions (i.e., scripts) that software later executes.

This language’s main application has always been in front-end (i.e., user-side) web development. It’s responsible for most, if not all, interactive elements you can see in web applications. Without it, websites would remain static, like in the 1990s.

However, it’s not the only use case that JavaScript can boast. It’s also popular in:

  • Back-end (i.e., server-side) development – mostly, thanks to the Node.js framework;
  • Browser game development – you can use Phaser.js and the likes to create games;
  • Cross-platform mobile app development – React Native and Ionic frameworks are designed for it.

Python vs JavaScript - Let the Battle Begin!

So, how python vs javascript is compared in matters of popularity, the learning curve, performance, and earning prospects? Let’s investigate the matter!

Round 1. Popularity

When you compare Python vs Javascript, you can discover that there are multiple ways to judge the popularity of this or that development tool. Still, few ones are more reputable than the Stack Overflow Developer Survey. So, let’s look at what it had to say about python vs JavaScript, which is better for future in its 2021 survey results.

Among more than 80,000 respondents, JavaScript came in first in popularity – 64.96% said they used it. And among professional developers, the rate was even a bit higher – 68.62%.

However, its competitor isn’t far behind it. Python got ranked third among all respondents and fourth among professional developers, with 48.24% and 41.53%, respectively. What’s more, it’s the first most wanted language for the fifth year in a row – 19.04% of developers want to learn it.

Why does it matter? This data can help you understand how likely you are to land a job as a developer if you choose to learn one language or another. And, as you can see, both of these options are in high demand, albeit JavaScript is in the lead.

So, the winner is… JavaScript!

Round 2. Learning Curve

Alright, when you differentiate python vs javascript, the language JavaScript is more in-demand than its competitor, even if not by a lot. But that doesn’t tell you the whole story. So, the next question is: Which language will be easier to master?

Python is almost unanimously considered more beginner-friendly than most other programming languages. Don’t let the words “object-oriented programming” fool you here: its code is easier to read and understand. Its syntax is more concise and akin to English, and there aren’t as many structural rules as in JavaScript.

Typically, if you want to write a particular algorithm, Python code will also be shorter and more readable than its rival’s counterpart. That doesn’t just make the learning curve gentler in the case of the former. It makes debugging and troubleshooting a lot easier, too!

Furthermore, the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021 corroborates all of the above. In its section on the most loved languages, Python got ranked number six, with 67.83% of developers enjoying using it to code. That’s way above JavaScript, which came in only fifteenth.

So, the winner is… Python!

Round 3. Performance

You might think it’s easy to compare the performance of code written in different languages. But that’s not exactly the case. There are multiple ways if you differentiate javascript vs python to define what performance means, and results can vary depending on which one you pick.

For this comparison, let’s consider the runtime performance only. In simple terms, it’s how fast a program gets executed.

Unfortunately, this is the tradeoff with Python. While its syntax is more straightforward than most other programming languages, its performance doesn’t match up to the likes of JavaScript.

Why is JS in the lead on this one? That’s all thanks to its V8 engine that comes with the Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler. Python can’t boast JIT compilation – and nor does it support multi-threading, by the way.

So, the winner is… JavaScript!

Round 4. Earning Prospects

This might not be the first thing on your mind, but it’s worth giving a thought – even if you’re a first-year tech student right now. After all, you’ve chosen to go to college, not just for kicks. You’re building a skill set to boost your employability and secure a better future for yourself.

So, what salary should you expect if you become a Python or JavaScript developer? Let’s take a look at some numbers from Indeed and the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021. Here’s the median annual salary of a Python developer:

  • $109,741 (United States; Indeed);
  • $59,454 (worldwide; Stack Overflow Developer Survey).

And here’s how much their JavaScript counterparts earn:

  • $106,671 (United States; Indeed);
  • $54,049 (worldwide; Stack Overflow Developer Survey).

As you can see, on average, Python developers tend to earn a bit more. But the difference is hardly substantial. That means that no matter which one you choose or think like is python easier than javascript and which one to learn, you can still count on a handsome salary later on.

So, it’s a tie!

In Conclusion: Which One Should You Pick?

Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all kind of answer. Yes, if you just scroll through the comparison of python vs javascript which is better from above, you’ll see that JavaScript beat Python 2:1. But that’s not the full picture.

The truth is, there’s no such thing as a universally “better” or “worse” language. It all depends on what you’re going to use it for – and how you do it. So, you should ask yourself this. What kind of projects interest you? Do compare python vs javascript for web development to know find which one is better.

But, If you’re drawn towards front-end web development, JavaScript is a must, hands down. The same rings true if you’d like to build cross-platform apps with React Native and Ionic, too.

But if working with AI, machine learning, and/or Big Data sounds more alluring for you, Python is among the tools of the trade here. It’s also widely used in server-side development, so if you want to work on that front, go for this language.

“What if I don’t know what I want to do yet?” In this case, compare python vs javascript for beginners, if you’re wishing to enter in the world of coding, Python will be an excellent introduction to it. Don’t worry: just because you choose to start with it doesn’t mean you can’t shift gears later on!


1. Is Python or JavaScript better?

You can choose one based on your business needs. JavaScript is faster, but Python is more flexible. Python is mainly used for the backend. On the other side, JavaScript is used for the front end.

2. Which pays more JavaScript or python?

Python developers are paid a bit better than JavaScript developers. Because python developers' work is so demanding technically than the developers of JavaScript.

3. Should I start JavaScript or Python?

Learn JavaScript or python based on your interest. Python is easier to learn that uses extensive languages like AI and ML. In contrast, Javascript is known to most developers to a greater extent.

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