Top Database Management Trends
Published July 28,2016 by Peter Aiken

Top Database Management Trends


A database is a collection of organised information that is easily available to access, modifiy, etc. Database Management is the arrangement of all the information of data in such a way that is accessible to all users in an effective and simple manner.

For managing the data or information, we use a system known as Database Management System. It is the software that is used to access the data, defining the data types, creating the database, modify that database. Many other functions are also provided by the Database Management System like querying, updating, deleting, etc.

Types of Database

  • Relational Database

This database stores the data in the form of tables. A relational database design is made of a table that has number of rows and columns. Each column has name, size, and data type. Each row has one record, also called Tuple.

  • Operational Database

This database is generally used in the organisations to store the data of their employees, inventory records. Organisations can easily modify their data according to their need.

  • Distributed Database

As the name suggests, database is distributed at various locations and are linked to each other via the communication links. Distributed database uses the client server database architecture.

Why Change In the Database trends?

  • Difficulties with relational database

  • Adoption of e-business

  • Growth of digital marketing

  • Accessing the database using mobile phones

New trends in Database Management Tools

  1. Business Intelligence

We are completely aware of how the data is stored and manipulated. Oracle, DB2, SQL Server are all the great robust engines which help us to do the same. At present, we are looking at some ways for extracting the information from the data we have. This is what the Business Intelligence does. It is not new but has continued to be important from quite a long time. Moreover, the number of takeovers and acquisitions signify that it will continue to be in trend for a lot more time.

  1. Multidimensional eXpressions (MDX)

Multidimensional eXpressions is a language used to express analytical queries. Whilst SQL manipulates data, MDX manipulates the entire information. MDX is a non-proprietary standard which was first owned by Panorama, then Microsoft and then lastly by Hyperion. MDX is seen as a very important trend in the upcoming time.

  1. Spatial data

Nowadays, all the main databases have which have spatial data types. Spatial data is usually important when used in its own right. However, when combined with Google Earth, a quick combination will give a very powerful application just consisting of a few code lines. As far as the future is concerned; spatial data will find more and more use in a great variety of projects.

  1. Multimedia Database

Multimedia data means audio, video, images, animation and graphics. The process of including this type of data, their size, accessing this type of data comes under the multimedia database.

  1. Mobile and Embedded Database

Mobile phone use the SQLite database and the embedded database are used in the cars.dbo4 database is used in the BMW car.

  1. Database Security

A secure database from internal and external threats has no costly hardware and database downtime. Database administrators should use all the rules during the database creation.


Some trends come and go, whilst the others are meant to stay. The above-discussed trends are going to dominate the world of database management and will be used by database designer for developing great applications.

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