Why Amazon Web Services Has Such a Big Lead in the Cloud
Published August 30,2018 by Tvisha

Why Amazon Web Services Has Such a Big Lead in the Cloud

Cloud computing is the future of technology. AWS or Amazon Web Services are the pioneers of these cloud computing services. AWS provides a number of computing services over the internet. The most popular services are the Amazon S3, the Amazon EC2 Compute(ec2), Database(rds), Storage(s3) and Networking(vpc)). There are a number of websites and services that use AWS. Some of the popular services and websites are Dropbox and Reddit respectively. With the help of AWS, the pain of hosting websites for organizations is thrown out the window. There are a number of hosting products provided by AWS that helps companies get all their hosting needs fulfilled.

While AWS does help companies take care of their cloud computing needs, individuals can also make use of AWS and improve their work efficiency. One classic example is how cloud computing can help individuals take care of their server needs. If you have your own website or blog and host the server on AWS, it will help you a great deal. With the help of cloud computing, you will be able to analyze the time people usually visit your website. This will help you understand peak hours and you can program your server accordingly. Cloud computing will also help you analyze when you would need the server at its least optimum performance. This will help you get a better contract for the server and you can avoid paying for power and server as well when you don’t need it.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Should Choose AWS Cloud Services

If you are still unsure about opting in for AWS, here are the major reasons you should opt for their services.

1. Trial Period

One of the biggest drawbacks with AWS was their complicated API. A number of IT professionals hesitated getting their hands into AWS because it would cost a lot to get to know the system and figure things out. However, AWS now comes with a free tier system that lasts a month. This will help you to get used to the interface and helps developers ingrate AWS in their software.

2. Pricing

When it comes to hiring a web hosting solution, the price usually includes anything and everything. This is irrespective of whether you need it or not. With AWS, that is not the case. AWS offers an a la carte menu. This means that you will only pay for the services that you use. Most of the services with other service providers do not get used. However, Amazon cloud services give you the chance to get in additional server infrastructure. This helps large scale organizations as well.

3. Security

One of the biggest advantages of Amazon Web Services is the Identity and Access Management (IAM). With the help of IAM, you can now restrict the access to the AWS resources. You can even define each of the roles and individual users. This takes away the chance of any malpractice. Another thing that AWS offers is VPC. This can be used to host the AWS services even on a private(own) network. This private(own) network can only be accessed by people from the same network.

4. Flexibility

Another important aspect of AWS cloud computing is the flexibility option. With AWS services, the system and the application will communicate and work together. The adjustment will be made accordingly. You can even customize the solutions for your system. This can be done in no time once you are used to the AWS API.

5. Deployment

Deployment is the most important step for any organization. With traditional web hosting providers, the deployment time is anywhere between 48 and 96 hours. This is because of the time it takes to provision a server. AWS cloud services will help reduce the deployment time and help you get your website to the public in no time.


When choosing a web hosting service, there are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind. This will help you ease your stress and run your business smoothly. AWS does just that for you and makes sure that you go ahead and focus on the important aspects of your business.

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