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Engine Diagnosis Software

Vehicles are the lifeline of the current times. Of course, the health of your vehicle is of equal significance. The furtherance of technology has made everything possible. It can be mentioned that this Engine Diagnostics software development is one of the examples to show the abundance of technology. This development allows you to know the working condition of each and every part of the vehicle effectively. You can know the condition of every core part of your vehicle beforehand.

Quick Overview of Engine Diagnostics software

Our application allows the user to observe the overall health of the engine, and other body parts of the vehicle. With the help of Engine Diagnostics software development the device SDK’s attached to the car, every activity can be observed in the vehicle. The vehicle can be diagnosed weekly or monthly, with which the condition of each body part can be observed. It is a unique application and it definitely generates profits to your business.

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App Features

Engine Health Monitoring
The user can view the engine health of the vehicle. On the screen, the details like pressure on RPM, pressure on engine belt, Fluid leakages, Head gasket leakages can be seen. The SDK of the device which is connected to the vehicle engine is integrated with the application, through which the user can monitor all the activities done by the engine.
Vehicle Parts tampering
The parts in vehicle such as clutch plates, torque cylinders, gear box and few others can be monitored from the application. Whenever a part of the vehicle is tampered (Removed or touched), the application, with help of the device will send an SMS to the user’s registered mobile number.
Fuel Efficiency
The system will calculate the pressure on the engine when the vehicle is running. Based on those calculations, the application will display the approximate distance that a vehicle can travel. Even, based on the pressure on RPM (Rotations per meter), the app will calculate the mileage that is being given by the vehicle. Though the calculations are not accurate, the application gives approximated values. When the vehicle is being driven rash and the mileage the affected, then an SMS will be sent to the user’s registered mobile number.
Dashboard Customisation
Our Engine Diagnostics software development comprises of a dashboard that helps a user to view all the vehicle data on a single screen. The details like RPM, tampering, vehicle mileage, etc, can be seen. The user can customize the required data in the desired way. Even, the themes or colors can be customized on the screen.
Vehicle Diagnosis
The user can check the overall condition of a vehicle by clicking on one single button. The total health of engine can be diagnosed weekly or monthly. In this diagnosis, the reports for the overall condition of the engine, body parts will be generated. In the reports, the user can see the details of the number of times body parts tampered, the average mileage given by the vehicle in a month/week, the total distance travelled by vehicle in a week/month.
Tampering Alerts
Whenever the parts of the vehicle are moved or removed, an alert will be triggered to the registered mobile number of users through an SMS. Sometimes, when there is an authentication issue, the user can even view the in-app or Push Notifications. For every in-app/push notification, there will be history like the time & the date when the event occurred.
Reports & Analytics
Our Engine Diagnostics software development helps the admin to know the number of users using the application, can view the reports in the graphical view from the backend. The reports like a number of users using the application, total tampers of each vehicle occurred, etc can be seen by the admin from the backend.
Know the condition of the engine
Know the condition of the engine
Get notified on any tampering
Increase the mileage life of vehicle
Theft prevention
Vehicle utilization
Improved lifecycle management of vehicle
SMS Gateway Integrations: 

For a user to verify account and notifications.

Vehicle sensor SDK: 

For a user to diagnose the health of the vehicle

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