Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software

Health is the key factor that helps in leading a splendid and glorious life. It is true that health is the genuine form of wealth that anyone can cherish. A healthy mind always dwells in a healthy body. Many people these days have understood the significance of being healthy and are thriving constantly to achieve good health in turn to head a successful life. Also, the easy availability of medical services is also one prime factor that promotes a healthier life.

Simple overview:

Hospitals are the ones that can render quality services to ensure a quality life. They work relentlessly just to cure their patients. But nowadays it has become a tough task for the crew to manage things efficiently. Then comes this hospital management software development into the picture. This is a great tool that deals with every aspect of your management. 

Hospital management software development is an integrated, extensive system built to control the core facets of hospital operations. This system will help in making the whole functioning paperless. It integrates all the information regarding patients, doctors, staff, and hospital administrative details in the system. 

Why choose us?

We at Tvisha Technologies feel gratified to be the eminent company in building healthcare software solutions.

Our hospital management application developers are prowess in building the standard solutions which are highly affordable and scalable. We design the app that aids you in automating all your chores by reducing your work burden and by promoting efficient management.

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App Features

Information desk module
Our hospital management software development feature deals with all kinds of inquiries received in regard to the hospital and also from the patients who are admitted or enrolled.
Patient Management
This feature entails your hospital staff to maintain a record of the number of in-patients, out-patients and the number of beds available. Patient enrollments and admissions can be efficiently organized. Also, the transcripts regarding the appointment scheduling, consultation and diagnosis can be maintained precisely.
Doctor Management
This feature is very beneficial for doctors. This feature enables your doctors to access the information of the patients' appointments plainly. It also includes the list of all the doctors' schedules and their contact details. Moreover, your doctor can also view their schedules as well as the schedules of other doctors. This aids your doctors to make necessary changes to their schedules accordingly. This feature also comprises of a list of procurable medicines for particular diseases so that your doctor can look for an alternative effortlessly.To ensure healthy functioning of all management parameters

Bed Management
This module mainly maintains an account of bed occupancy status at all times. It also facilitates a rough evaluation of a relevant waiting time of patients and also lessens the bed turnover times which is pivotal for the opTo ensure healthy functioning of all management parameters
timization of revenues. It also provides the statistical data related to the occupancy status of a bed over a period of time.Effortless task management in a single solution!
Nursing Management System
Our hospital management software development aids your nurses or ward staff to organize their wards on their respective floor. Special units like ICU and OT are practically and effectively managed and this module also tracks all services given to a patient connecting to their wards.
Administration management
This feature is the heart of the hospital management system. This module covers many strands. This system helps the administrative members in the upkeep of medical facilities and equipment. The administrative team can reserve the staff records with the slightest or zero flaws. The lab facilities and the blood bank inventory can be plainly organized. The payroll system can also be supervised using this system. Effective accounts management can also be carried out with dexterity, with the help of an automated system.
Billing management
A special automated section is used for billing purposes. Our healthcare software development solutions help to sum up all the expenses of a patient at one time and produce a complete bill at the end of the consultation or at discharge. This conserves time and effort for each department. 
Statistical Reports
All the information in the hospital management system is unified and can be integrated. This helps in fabricating a statistical database for the internal use of the hospital which can be submitted to the administration. This element helps the administration in outlining the expenses of the hospital and estimating the necessary and unnecessary.

Effortless task management in a single solution!
Improved clinical care & patient care/safety
Shrinks the scope of errors
Increase data security & Reliability
Quick & coordinated collaboration
Better Revenue Management
Can easily keep a track record of patient / Nurse / Admin activities
SMS Package Integration :
For the generation of OTP's to patients.

Payment Channel Integration :
Used for Payments between patients and Doctors.

POS integration :
For Billing management.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

My Clinic Hospital-Patient Mgt
My Clinic Hospital-Patient Mgt
Clinic Management System is computer software and mobile application.

Hospital Management System
Hospital Management System
Doctors can view patient past history during medication/prescription.

Hospital Management System - Jay Gajanan
Hospital Management System - Jay Gajanan
This is the official Android app of Hospital Management System.

Hospital Management Information System
Hospital Management Information System
This app is being used to see the availability of Doctors on any particular day, online token booking.

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