School Management Software Development

School Management Software Development

Education helps every person to outgrow as a confident person. The process of disseminating education has experienced drastic changes. Also, it has been extended to the online domain with the advancement in technology. This is what which has led to the advent of the school management system.

Simple overview:

School management software development has become an essential element of many educational institutions these days. The school administration is always engaged in some or other work. So it becomes inconvenient for the administration to manage and organize all the activities and to keep a track of them.

A school system generates and utilizes a large amount of data. This information must be communicated appropriately to students, faculty, and parents. Also, it involves major tasks like registering students, attendance record, keeping controlling absentees, producing report cards, preparing a timetable and producing different reports for teachers and parents.

Automating all these chores will reduce the burden of the school administration.

Why Choose us?

We at Tvisha Technologies feel delighted to swoop into this transpiring environment. Our team of experts is adept in designing robust school management application development by understanding the current trends in the education systems. Also, we offer round the clock assistance at every stage of your app development process.

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App Features

Student Information Portal
This feature enables the access of any kind of information related to the student. The crucial data like attendance, homework, discipline, grades, and achievements of the student can be easily acquired.
Parent access portal
This is the feature where parents can view their children's' information at any point of time. Parents can also have a clear outlook about PTA meeting, grades, and educational activities.They can also track the child's workload, attendance reports and progress cards through this portal.
Teacher Information Portal
Our education mobile application development helps you trace the information related to the activities of the teacher in the school. The school management can also spot a specific teacher’s class schedule, file reports productively. Teachers can also monitor their class timings, students' progress, and classroom activities at a single place.
Online examination and Assignments Portal
Our school management software development aids your teachers to provide individual assignments to the students in accordance with their level of knowledge and performance.
Parent-Teacher collaboration Portal
This portal enables one on one communication between the teachers and parents. Parents can easily monitor teacher feedback on class assignments and exams and also dashboards that announce school alerts.
Attendance & Timetable Management Portal
Here you can effortlessly track the daily attendance of your teachers and students. Teachers can also view the schedules of their classes.Enriched Education with flexible Academic Solutions
Transport Management Portal
The management of the school can organize the school transportation efficiently. You can keep a record of each student’s route change report and also the data of students who have chosen school transportation without routes allocated to them.
Effortless student management for advanced student experience!
Reduction of workload
Easy access to everyone from anywhere
Enhancing parent-teacher collaboration
Simplifies and streamlines all the tasks of students and teachers
Greater organization of school activities
Facile timetable management
Payment Channel Integration: 
For the making of fee payments of the child by the parent.

SMS Integration: 
For OTP’s, Student, teachers, and academic activity notifications.

Biometric Device Integration: 
For marking students & teachers attendance.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

School Management System
School Management System
Manage Student related information, Manage Staff related information, Send Messages, User-friendly and convenient.

School Management
School Management
A management system of a school which includes communication with parents.

School Management System
School Management System
Torus School Management System is a powerful and user-friendly Online School Management Software and school administration software.

Management App is a one-stop solution for administrators to do a plethora of activities and also stay updated with the daily activities of the children.

Continuous collaboration for garnering requirementa and delivering flaw-free technical solutions backes up with 24/7 technical support.

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