Virtual Reality Application

Virtual Reality Application

Let your virtual fitting rooms transform your retail fashion business to new arenas.

Make them feel alive with your latest spring -summer collection! Let your customer try them on before they make a purchase.

Pamper them with a real-time personalized experience with the newest in-thing in town, the Virtual Fitting Room!

We at Tvisha Technologies, offer a wide bouquet of virtual reality application development solutions.

A virtual fitting room, whether it is in-store or online, enables your customer to dress up themselves virtually. This gives them a quick understanding of the attire, by its look, fit, and also it allows to try out a wide number of outfits with no physical efforts. Virtual fitting rooms enables to quickly finish the shopping with a satisfied smile on your customer's face with very minimal returns and exchanges.

Why we?

Adopt this technology right away into your E-commerce application to let your customer feel the benefits of it. We offer highly beneficial and functional virtual software development applications, which allows social sharing to increase your foot print’s scale. We ensure the best practice approach to develop customized and easy to use real-time applications.

Our team of highly skilled developers is adept at delivering world-class virtual reality app development Services for diverse e-commerce verticals. Our application comes up with the following features to bring in more loyal customers to you….

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App Features

Scan Your Body
To let your customers, try their selections, the entire body needs to be scanned. This feature enables to scan the customer body through the webcam or a mobile phone to generate an avatar (or the virtual replica of your body). In-store body scanners at shopping malls and departmental stores may differ from online ones, but can be stored for online purchases too. Redefining user experience - the VR way

Auto Size Recommendations
Once your customer’s body is scanned, the feature Auto Size Recommendations is enabled. This lets to know his/her body measurements. Though the auto size recommendations might not be accurate at sometimes, but your customer has the option to edit them. This feature has a customization option where in your user can enter the details of their own.
3D Avatar
A virtual replica of your customer is created. This 3D avatar feature helps your customers to try a wide range of outfits virtually and let them decide which suits them better. This feature allows your customers to try the outfits on their own body Avatar. They can click on My Avatar tab and make adjustments on size, colour, style etc., of the garment.
3D Customisation
The 3D customisation feature allows the customer to create a 3D version of him/herself and makes them, to look at every possible angle to understand the entire fitting of the entire garment. The shopper can feel it real by uploading their face to the 3D avatar. This feature further enables the customer to change different body shapes.
3D Fitting Room
The 3D fitting room feature of our virtual reality application development solutions, allows the customer to customize the chosen items. They can swipe and watch all the selected garments on to the 3D avatar and can get a 360-degree view. This feature further provides help icon, to help your customers to how to choose various customizations.
Avatar Customisation
This feature enables your customer to try on a wide variety of accessories that suits their garments. Your shopper can give a try on different kind of accessories such as watches, goggles, jewellery, footwear, etc., They can simply click on them or can use the functionality of drag and drop.
Fitting Room
This module has been developed to create one’s own fitting room for their individual choices and preferences. When your shopper doesn’t feel to customize the 3D avatar, he/she can simply mark their selections as their favourites for later user or can even add them to, “Add to cart”, to continue further.
The databases of the virtual reality software development solutions store the customer’s data with their registration ID. When the shopper makes a trail in the virtual fitting room, the details of measurements, color preferences, type of garments etc., are stored in the databases for the later use. This feature keeps away the user from scanning their bodies multiple times.
Change the way your customer shops!
3D Display of products for customers
Virtual product comparison to aid decision Making
Transparent & Real-Time Customer Engagement
Provide virtual trials to customers before buying
SMS Gateway Integrations:
The SMS Gateway Integrations helps the business owner to send an SMS, for user account verification and order updates.

Payment Gateway Integrations:
A payment gateway is where, it allows the customer to pay the price for the purchased goods.

Augmented Reality Integrations:
We develop a customised augmented reality engine to suit varied ecommerce applications.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

FIT'N SHOP – Fitting/Shopping
FIT'N SHOP – Fitting/Shopping
FIT'N SHOP, the world's first virtual-fitting.Make your own 3D avatar.
Dress Me Up
Dress Me Up
A cool Dressup game in 3D with lots of clothes to customize your model.

Outfit ideas
Outfit ideas
Combine your perfect outfit in no time. Be inspired by your style peers, discover the latest fashion trends.

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