Top 5 Tips to Use Prisma Like a Pro on Android
Published August 15,2016 by Tvisha

Top 5 Tips to Use Prisma Like a Pro on Android

Prisma is an app specially designed for converting your photos into some interesting and innovative art work. People always want some change and uniqueness in their life to try and are ready to try every new thing as soon as it gets introduced in the market. The creator of this app is Alexey Moiseenkov and he introduces this app free in June 2016. Mobile app developers always try their hard to fulfill people’s demand and make such unique apps.

The motive of this app development was to make user happy by seeing their photo with the artistic effect. At first, the Prisma app was launched for iOS users only and then by seeing the popularity graph, it gets a next beta version for Android users on 24 July 2016. Android app developers have done this great work of Prisma app development which is highly appreciable.

The role of Prisma involves in making your general picture into an amazing art work. The app provides various styles that relates to famous artists like Picasso, Munk with unique patterns. In Prisma, Artificial Intelligence is used for converting your normal picture into a beautiful art work. By getting the Prisma app on your SmartPhone, you will able to make everlasting memories.

If you are totally mesmerized with the Prisma app, then here are some useful tips for Android users to follow while using the app –

1. Never Go With The integrated Camera Of Prisma

The integrated camera in Prisma is deficient with the important features like night mode, HDR (High Dynamic Range), and manual mode white balance correction. You can turn on and off the flash in Prisma’s camera. Basically, the role of Prisma app lies in converting your real picture into an art work, so in that case, taking pictures from your default camera is the best option that will provide you with various in-built options. Utilize HDR mode and concentrate on the filters that you have to apply on the photo. Don’t forget that Prisma app accepts only square image, so just focus on clicking the image with best effects.

2. Less Intensity Is Preferable

When you are applying any filters on the Prisma then it gets with 100% intensity by default. But you can make changes in the intensity and make it less for getting the better look. You have to focus on making your picture the best and for that, you must perform different filters.

3. Take Out The Watermark From The Prisma App

Prisma app has a by default watermark on the bottom right corner of the image when it gets made with the art work. You can remove that watermark as that gets displayed when you share the picture on the social media platform like Facebook. The mark is big in size and it makes the image look bad, so you can take that watermark out from the Prisma app. You will get the option of removing the watermark by going into the settings where you will get that option.

4. It Will Save Your Artwork By Default

Sometimes it becomes tough to select the image from the Prisma app as compared to the images that gets saved on the phone’s galley. With this app, you will automatically save your all art work on the phone and will create a folder named as Prisma on the internal phone storage. This will provide easier ways for people to sort the different art images and pick the one that you want to share.

5. Third Party App’s Integration

Taking selfies has become the latest trend among all the youth with put faces. But adding some spice in that pictures will make a person happier. The Prisma app offers third party app’s integration like MSQRD and many more to get special effects on the already existing artistic pictures.

The mobile app development company is responsible for providing the services of mobile app development. But the important thing is attached with the whole decision of people that is to choose the right one. As the trend of apps is increasing in the world, android app development is also escalating in an unending manner.

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