Guide For Startups- On Choosing a Best Android App Development Company
Published December 31,2018 by Abhilash Engala

Guide For Startups- On Choosing a Best Android App Development Company

Every startup always commence with inventive conceptions to make themselves exceptional from others! Choosing a Best Android App Development Company will help you to make your startup idea into real.

Being a startup, you always strive to draw out pioneering solutions to unusual problems which are never faced before. As an entrepreneur, you need to cross many levels.

For this, you can choose different platforms like the web or mobile. But most of the startup companies choose the mobile platform to bag millennials as their primary customers.

Here are the stages, that we are going to discuss in this article are:

  • Steps to begin Android App Development for your startup
  • Choosing the right android app development company
  • How to hire the right mobile app developers
  • Steps to be followed after hiring an android app developer

In the mobile platform, you can either choose android or iOS. But most of the startups attempt to try out both the operating systems simultaneously which is a major blunder. In my opinion, it is better to start with the Android first.

Many startups may have brilliant app ideas but cannot find a way to accomplish their schemes successfully. So to make things easier our Tvisha Technologies provides you with the best Android app services

We make sure that every startup who collaborate with us are satisfied.

The major question which arises often among most of them is “How to start the development of the mobile app from the scratch?”

Here I go with an easy guide which helps you in building a simple mobile app for your startup.

Steps To Begin Android App Development For Your Startup


Step 1: Substantiate your Android App idea

Having a brilliant app idea is just not enough you need to analyze your thought process of a mobile app startup idea. This is one of the critical steps and it should not be skipped. It is crucial for your app to reverberate with your target audience.

Remember that your app idea is still a hypothesis, till your target customers buy from you.

Use the Google Keyword Planner to check what people majorly type to get a service for the problem that your app offers.

Build a simple MVP that help the users to clearly understand your ideologies.

Step 2: Create an App Wireframe

After the validation of your app idea, detail your product idea onto a document.

A mobile app wireframe helps you wander through your thought process, navigation and utility of the app.

This also helps in building an intuitive and user-friendly mobile appDisconnect the features that you can eliminate in the first version:

Step 3: Disconnect the Features that you can Eliminate in the First Version

After the preparation of flow, features, and prototype, observe keenly for the features that you can remove. Ask the developers of the Best Startup App Development Company about the “nice to have” features and incorporate them into the last version that is the updated version.

In order to get to the market quickly, incorporate only the must-have features into your first version of the app.

Step 4: Have a Keen Observation on the Design of your App

Most of the startups do not pay attention to the Ui/UX design of the app. I observed many of them pushing the design requirements into the less focused list.

You need to recognize that the mobile app design is not just about the looks but primarily about the user experience

Step 5: Analyze The Cost to Build an App

There are many factors which determine the cost of building an app. Construct a brief note and share it with the Android app development company to get approximate on the timelines and development cost.

Also, the platform by which you are going to launch your app, the level of complexity involved in building an app determine the cost.

Choosing The Best Android App Development Company

Having a professional approach is the first and foremost characteristic of an android app developer.


Hire the app developers who have a highly professional approach.

Your android app developers work solely on your project and are always accessible to solve your real-time queries. They should be responsive and should have the ability to serve the basic objective.

It is mandatory for the developers to understand what you want in your app. They should make you understand the updates and ongoing process. This is one of the major aspects that should be possessed by an android app developer.

The agile approach is a must for the developers as the startups should meet time to requirement market. You need to make sure that the Android App development company you are going to meet have a team of dedicated developers.

How To Hire The Right Mobile App Developers :


Best ways to find out the right mobile app developers is to go through the following points are :

  • You can also find the best app developers in the B2B Review/Rating platform Like clutch, Good firms etc.
  • One of the best ways to find out the proficiency level of any company’s developers team is by going through their portfolio. This portfolio can help you find the skilled app developers in multiple app platforms.
  • Go through the client testimonials, they can give you valuable insights about the experiences and associations with the company.
  • Reviews also play an essential role in estimating their expertise.

Development of an app is a tricky process as it involves a lot of coding. The lower-cost option may become overpriced when the development process is coming to an end.

However, the finest Best Android App Development Company can provide you with the best services at an affordable price.

Steps To Be Followed After Hiring An Android App Developer

You have to register a developer account with the respective app stores to sell your app through their platform. The Android app platform charges $25 per year. You also have another choice of registering as an individual or in the name of your company.

Incorporate the analytics. This helps you to track the number of downloads, user engagement, and retention of your mobile app.

Once your app is live on the app store, the usage, and the behavior of the first set of customers will give you a clear insight into how to improve your app. And also, keep an eye on the user feedback and keep on developing.

Summing Up

The Android operating system has become one of the widely used platforms across the globe. Also, the cost of android app development is very much less than the iOS app development.

But before hiring your android app developers make sure that those developers have all the above qualities.

And I am also certain that our team of experts have the capability of delivering top-notch services to our customers.

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