7 Key Features Of A Successful Mobile Application
Published May 03,2018 by Tvisha

7 Key Features Of A Successful Mobile Application

Tablets, wearables, smartphones have become the new battleground for corporates to clinch victories for their products. The number of people reaching out for products and services through these modes has been increasing exponentially over the last few years. No business can afford to ignore this tectonic change if they desire to be in the top. The main armoury for this arena is undoubtedly a mobile application. Mobile apps are being increasingly used by consumers for a variety of chores -right from setting reminders to booking tickets or ordering food or FMCG products. We list a 7 key Features for a mobile app to be successful and boost your business.

This phenomenal change has resulted in upsurge of various Mobile app development organisations, consisting of expert app developers in diverse platforms. Entrepreneurs desirous of incorporating mobile apps for their business uplift need to keep in mind various issues that are vital to achieve their brand’s persona and value. We list below a few such key elements for a mobile app to be successful.

1. Voice Search

With the introduction of voice search option in smartphones, the whole scenario of information search has been revolutionised. With over a million websites vying for space, and the bulging online data heap, there is a need to refine search, resulting in innovated techniques in voice search. First implemented by Google in its search engine, the feature has gone through several upgrade iterations which in turn led to technological increments in the coming years, for android app development and iOS app development.

2. Location Tagging

One technology, that is used by mobile marketers to increase their sales, is the location technology. With the given data of accurate location, time and place, it becomes easier for the advertisers to target the right customer with the right message and advertisements.

3. Live Streaming and Video Calling

Live streaming is becoming an indispensable part of mobile apps, paving its way into becoming one of the most important parts of mobile applications. Advertisers have been gaining a lot due to broadcasting their brands in real platform. Being implemented in applications like Facebook and Instagram, more applications are adopting this idea.

4. Instant Messaging

Instant messaging or Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) means,a service that uses instant messaging (IM) through mobile devices, using various technologies such as Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and text messaging. Unlike Short messaging service (SMS), MIM notifies users of their availability.

5. Augmented Reality

Augmented in mobile apps helps increasing the overall User experience, by the combination of digital transformation information, with real time environment. Providing the three-dimensional digital content or objects of the real- world perception on mobile platforms, giving users a real time experience. Whether it’s for UI/UX or gaming it enhances the user experience making it one of the most sought-after features.

6. Security

Android app development companies have been very closely knit with choosing security as the foremost thing for app development, as internet has become porous to fraudsters and hackers. They ensure to

  • Run code scanning or test code for various bugs
  • Look out for portability between operating systems and devices, which are easy to update and patch up.
  • Use app store not unsolicited downloads.

7. Payment Gateway

Whether it’s grocery shopping, or any e commerce site, a secure payment gateway ensures hassle free buying and also in the world which is rapidly transforming into cashless society, payment gateway gives an edge.
Moreover, Payment gateway builds trust that the company is whitelisted and the provided goods are not acquired illegally.

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