Automate Your Services By Fuel Delivery App
Published July 26,2019 by Tvisha

Automate Your Services By Fuel Delivery App

The four-letter word FUEL will have an ever-increasing demand at all times since traveling is a necessity for everyone. It will be difficult for the drivers if the vehicle runs out of fuel in the journey and It will be a nightmare if there are no fuel stations within a reasonable distance. Innovation comes when the problem occurs.  The advancement in mobile app development has become the boon for all industries and businesses including Fuel Delivery App Development. 

Introduction to Fuel Log App Development:

The idea for developing an application raised with the high on-demand for the fuel. The advancement in technology made everything easier than before bringing all the needs at the doorsteps. Everything comes to the home with the facility of home delivery. Like home delivery, fuel delivery comes to us with the best features included. It gives brief details about fuel, mileage, distance can cover with the available fuel, and delivery of fuel on an order.

Steps to Create Fuel Log App

1. Registration

 The owners who want to develop an app for the fuel delivery must have been approved by the governing bodies since fuel is a regulated liquid.

2. Own the State-of-art Equipment

 The equipment or infrastructure such as trucks and tanks, 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler vehicles should be of high quality since the fuel is a dangerous liquid which should not spill while delivering.

3. Fuel Stations

 Have fuel stations that cover all the locations. 

4. Recruit Staff

 Make sure that you have sufficient staff to provide on-time delivery.

5. Software and Electronic Devices Integration

 The vehicles must be equipped with GPS so that customers can track the live location of the vehicle and can estimate the time required to reach them. Based on the features and functionalities build software with intuitive UI/UX design.

Features of Fuel Log App Development

Any service app must have a minimum of 3 panels - Admin, User, Mediator between the user and admin (in this case the driver)

This fuel delivery app development with a 3-panel (Admin, Driver, Customer) have varied features based on the panel.

Common Features

  • Registration: Admin, driver and the user can register into the application by furnishing some credentials.
  • Tracking: The user and the admin can track the live location of the driver.

Admin Panel

  1. Dashboard: It gives a quick view of all the details of the number of vehicles, drivers, orders, customers, total revenue, etc.
  2. View and Manage: The admin can view the vehicles and manage them by adding or removing vehicles/drivers. He can manage notification/alert settings, manage customers by accepting/declining the request based on the availability, manage fuel types and grades.
  3. Tracking: Admin can track the locations of all trucks and the stock of the fuel with the least effort.
  4. Updates: Admin can update details such as the number of vehicles available, fuel stock, the price of the fuel, fuel types such as diesel and petrol.
  5. Reports and analytics: It reports all the details such as the number of fuel delivery vehicles, users booked and served, how much fuel consumed and remained, the number of payments done and the total amount, etc.

With this, he can get brief insights about his business and according to that, he can further plan for improvement.

User Panel

  1. Order: The user can order the fuel requirement by this feature by sharing the location of theirs into the application.
  2. View the status of the vehicle fuel: This feature allows the vehicle owners to know the availability of the fuel in their vehicle through a sensor device which is connected to the fuel tank. The status of fuel can be seen in the dashboard of the mobile application.
  3. Pre estimation of the distance: This feature can estimate the information about the distance that can be traveled based on available fuel and mileage.
  4. Nearby fuel stations: Users can know the fuel station details nearer to their location.
  5. Mileage log: The customer can view the mileage given by the vehicle based on fuel capacity.
  6. Alerts: The customer will get alerts of mileage drop based on fuel log reports of the vehicle, confirmation of fuel orders, and fuel prices.
  7. Payment gateway integrations: This feature allows the customer to make payments at ease.
  8. Schedule: This feature allows the customer to schedule their timings when to deliver the fuel.
  9. History and Reports: The user can know the history of fuel orders, the rise, and fall of fuel prices and all the payments made by them. The total report of the mileage will be displayed in a graphical view for easy understanding.
  10. Rate and Reviews: The customer can rate and give feedback for the services they availed.

Driver Panel

  1. Alerts: Both the driver and the admin can get the alerts of fuel requirements made by the customers. Drivers will be allowed by the admin to go to the customer along with the fuel requirement.
  2. Tracking location: The driver can track the customer's location and provide the fuel.
  3. View and update fuel: The drivers can view the available fuel and update it after serving fuel to the customers.

 You can add additional features based on your requirements by consulting fuel delivery app developers.

Benefits of Fuel Log App

  • Know the mileage in a graphical view
  • Know the status of fuel
  • Distance calculator
  • Pre planner
  • Displays current fuel prices
  • Tells nearby fuel stations
  • Time saver
  • Very helpful in times of emergencies
  • Easy operation (booking/delivering)

How much does it cost to create a fuel log app?

The cost to develop such on-demand fuel app will be based on several factors from app designing to deployment in app stores such as the application design and size, number of features, modules, mobile platforms, technology used, integration of payment gateways, testing, company’s brand value which you hire for developing your app, and the time required for building that app, and the experience of the developers, and many more things.

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