Fuel Log Management Application

Fuel Log Management Application

Fuel is always a driving force which is essential for any kind of vehicle. In the past, it was a difficult task to find out when the fuel is going to dry up in the vehicle. But with the furtherance in the technology, every impossible thing was made possible empowering everyone to enjoy the positives. It is no less to say that this fuel log app development is one among them. Furthermore, it is one of the greatest products of digitization.

Quick overview

Fuel bill dominates in a fleet-based industry. If a user can, hence, boost fuel efficiency, they can preserve money anywhere. Our fuel log app development comprises of Fuel trackers to recognize the fields of fleet fuel loss where there is scope for improvement and supporting for well-honed sustenance agendas through alert setting for specific mileage, thereby enhancing fuel economy over the fleet.

Why choose us?

We at Tvisha Technologies drove towards emerging as the leading fuel log app development company. We develop comprehensive solutions that can efficiently track the fuel in your vehicle. We are known for perfection in what we deliver.

Moreover, our fuel monitor app developers design solutions that can accurately perform on numerous platforms. Their quick and rapid performance amaze you. Just give us your thought; we make it happen.

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App Features

Vehicle Fuel Status
Your customer can view the live level of fuel available with the vehicle. With the help of sensors device connected to the vehicle tank, the tank capacity, the status of fuel can be shown in numerical or graphical value. The status can be seen on the dashboard of  mobile application.
Mileage Log
Your customer can view the mileage given by the vehicle. Based on the vehicle tank capacity, the system will calculate the distance traveled with the overall amount of fuel in the vehicle, with which the average mileage will be calculated.

Estimated Travelling Distance
Based on the available fuel and distance traveled by the vehicle, the average traveling distance of the vehicle will be displayed. Our fuel log app development services will help your customer to estimate the travel distance and mileage.
Fuel Prices
The current fuel prices can be displayed based on the API’s integrated. The history of fuel prices can be seen in the graphical view, which will help a user to know about the drop and raise in the fuel rates.
Nearby Fuel Stations
With the help of maps integration to the application, your customer can view the nearby fuel stations from their locations. Apart from the locations, your customer can navigate to fuel stations live on the map.
Charts & Reports
The mileage given by the vehicle can be seen in the graphical view weekly or monthly. Our fuel log app development services will help your customer to understand the overall mileage raise and drop off of the vehicle.
Mileage Drop Alerts
Based on the weekly or monthly fuel log reports of the vehicle, the system will trigger an alert as the mileage of the vehicle is dropping. This will help a user to know the maintenance of the vehicle.
View the vehicle mileage in graphical view
Know the live fuel status
View nearby fuel stations
Know your vehicle’s mileage
View the vehicle mileage in graphical view
Navigate to fuel stations from any location
Know live fuel prices
SMS Gateway Integrations: 
For a user to verify account and notifications.

Fuel Prices API: 
For a user to know the current price of fuel.

Vehicle Fuel Tracker SDK:
For a user to view the live fuel status of the vehicle.

Maps API: 
For a user to navigate to the fuel station.

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