Cost and Features of Ride Share App Development
Published May 28,2019 by Tvisha

Cost and Features of Ride Share App Development

The vacation time has arrived and many youngsters, students, and single people are looking for a getaway from their assignments, projects, exams, and research papers. Since they are still young, they always look for cost-effective ways to do anything. Even traveling. Whether it’s a beach trip or a road trip, the people would like to rent a vehicle which fits their budget. Here comes the idea of a ride-sharing app from. Ride Share App Development is done keeping in view the savings of money and time for travelers.

What the ridesharing apps facilitate a person is for the person to book a taxi to the destination and sharing it with the travelers who want to head to the same destination. Definitely, it will minimize the cost of transportation as the travelers sharing a ride together will divide it.

There are apps in the market like Uber, Ola, Lyft, BlaBlaCar, grab, etc. which dominate the market share.

The traveler doesn’t need to own a vehicle to go to someplace. Theses ride sharing apps will provide them with the taxi and a sharing rider which will divide the transportation cost.

Features of a Ride Sharing App For Riders

1. Registration

User registration is one of the basic features of the rideshare app. A Ride-Sharing will ask the customers to register themselves on these apps with their email address and the contact information. After receiving the OTP or security code, these apps will verify the user and the account will be created. These apps, like other mobile apps, can register the customer with their social media credentials: Facebook account or Google Account. This will help other riders to know you and help them in sharing rides with you.

2. Notifications

The ride Sharing apps will send the riders notifications regarding their bookings, the details about the rider they will share the rides with and the confirmations of their bookings. These Travel App Development also send out the notifications regarding the promo codes or gift coupons or the discount cards which can be redeemed while the booking of the next rides.

3. App for Riders

These apps are easy, simple and hassle-free to use. The riders can look for the rides as per their preferences and choose a destination and then book a ride to go to the workplace or to the holiday destination.

The convenience of choosing the person a rider wants to share a ride: A ride Sharing app can stand out if it facilitates the riders with the convenience of choosing with whom they want to share a ride. Of course, no one wants to get mugged or raped or murdered during a carpool. Based on the ride-sharing riders’ profiles, one can choose with whom they’d like to share the cab. If a rider wishes to go to a tourist destination or a longer route, s/he can mention the hobbies, relating to which these apps will find the people who share the same interests and hobbies. This way, these apps will ensure a comfortable and non-boring journey.

4. Riders Groups

The Ride Sharing app with this feature can be more desirable. The app can facilitate a rider to create groups of riders with whom a person shares a ride on a daily or weekly basis. This will ensure their ride a comfortable one because the people a rider is traveling with will be trustworthy. These riders can be anyone: relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.

5. Booking History

Putting in the same inflation every day will be a boring and a time-consuming task. So instead of asking a rider their destination or pick up point, these apps keep and analysis the rider’s booking history and shows him/her the preferred destinations to choose from. This will make a hassle-free app suing experience for the user.

6. Chat Box

Since these apps are for sharing, a rider must know with whom they are sharing the ride. With the feature of a chat box in the app, a rider can communicate with the other rider about the route, timings, etc. Also, the driver and the passenger can communicate with each other regarding the timings or pick up location. This feature will be convenient for the riders.

7. Ratings 

No-one would like to ride with a driver who has got no good ratings. The feature will allow the rider to choose their rides based upon the reviews and ratings of the cab experience and the cabbie’s behavior.

The riders will leave reviews and ratings based upon their ride experience and feedback on how it can be improvised.

8. Payment

Other important Functionality of Ride Share App will be an ease in payment. The modes of payment: payment through the card, PayPal, other online wallets or payment after the ride is completed, whichever is easier will facilitate the customers ease in paying for the ride.

9. GPS and Location Tracking

This feature in a ride sharing app will enable the customer/ rider to determine the location of the driver and track the arrival of the ride at the pickup location. The GPS and location navigation also help the drivers and passengers to know where they are traveling and also of the location of the riders, they will be sharing their ride with.

10. Scheduled Rides

These apps will feature schedules for the rides which means one can book their rides before the time of traveling so that it’s not much of a hassle of getting the bookings done last minute. The riders can set a location and the time of the ride beforehand. This feature comes handy when a rider has to reach a destination in time and with no delay.

Features of Ride Sharing App For Drivers:

The features of a driver are different. The driving staff will determine the success of the business of these apps. Their registration and account creation is done in a different manner than that of the riders. Following are the features depending upon the drivers.

  1. Account Creation and Logging in: The app will register the driving staff, create their accounts and provide them with the login details. These logins are supposed to be securely created to be saved from hacking.
  2. Denying or taking the Ride request: It will be up to the drivers’ availability and schedule whether the driver is able to take the ride request. If he cannot, he can simply deny it.

  3. Navigation System: Presence of the navigation system in the drivers’ app will facilitate the driver in taking the riders to their destination whether the driver knows the location or not. To ensure ease in the journey, the navigation system familiarises the drivers with the location of the destination. These apps have an in-built navigation system and GPS.

  4. Details of the Ride: This feature helps the drivers to know where they are going, how much time and cost on the journey will be spent, whom they are going with. This will enable the drivers to take the request of the ride or deny it.

  5. Communication: Just like in the customer’s ride sharing app, the drivers’ side app also has the chat box, obviously. Through which they can communicate with the riders pertaining to their pick up location, destination, etc.

Cost to Develop a Ride Sharing App

A complete feature ladened ride-sharing app costs up to $20,000. Cost to Develop App Like Ride Share App will inculcate the setting up of user profile, driver’s profile, profile and identity verification system, search system, navigation system, payment, notifications, history of the bookings, rankings and ratings, chat option, admin panel, riders groups, tracking, changing the route as per traffic, etc. The estimated time to develop a ride sharing app can be upto 78 hours depending upon the time consumed in creating the features. For a local region app, the hours and cost will be relatively lower.


Ride Share App Development is meant to cut the transportation cost of a rider by sharing the ride with another rider. Most certainly, the idea behind the ride-sharing app is environment-friendly too which will accommodate two or more passengers to one destination without having them to take their respective vehicles to travel.

Time saving is another advantage of the carpooling app because the app has the system to change the route depending upon the traffic on the road, thereby, reaching the destination in comparatively lesser time. Sharing a ride with someone allows the riders to meet new people, thereby making the journey friendly and comfortable. And this ensures that the riders may find new travel partners.

Features of Ride Share App Development
Cost of Ride Share App Development
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