Cost & Feature of Logistics Mobile App Development
Published May 06,2019 by Tvisha

Cost & Feature of Logistics Mobile App Development

In the last few decades, the logistics industry has grown tremendously. For any business, logistics happens to play an important role. This is one of the main reasons why the logistics industry has flourished so much. With the help of a reliable logistics company, you can manage the transportation of your materials and goods. Not just that, but it involves various other processes as well such as material handling, warehousing, supply chain management and more. For the logistics domain to prosper, they need the support of the latest technology. This is where the need for a logistic mobile app comes into the picture. Let’s dive deep into the details of the cost of the logistics app development.

Top Features of the Logistics App:

Top features of the logistics app.png

A logistic mobile app is expected to have all the required elements for the better functioning of the said industry. The logistic mobile app can be divided into three main parts. The features of the app can be grouped under the given classification.

Customer Panel

  1. Registration: The user is required to register using his social media details or email id.
  2. Alerts and notifications: The app is equipped with alarms for tracking, deliveries and the like.
  3. Vehicle selection: This particular feature allows the user to select a vehicle of his choice. In other words, the user can choose a car according to his needs and requirements.
  4. Bookings: According to the provision of the user, he can schedule a reservation for a vehicle. This feature allows you to even program a booking for a later date as well.
  5. Billing: With the help of this feature, the user can check and keep track of their billing and invoices software regarding their deliveries and bookings. Not only that, but the user can also make the payment online using different payment methods.
  6. Track shipments: The app also allows the user to track their shipments. In case, they face any problem, they can even raise a query.
  7. Rating system: The user can also rate the drivers based on their punctuality and behavior. This also helps the logistics company to keep a check on the performance of their employees.

Logistic App Admin Panel

logistic app Admin panel.jpg

  1. Login: The admin can log into his account using his email id and password. They can even use their social media credentials as well.
  2. Monitoring the driver: This particular feature allows the admin to manage the bookings and the drivers.
  3. Dashboard: In this section, the admin can find all the essential information related to the number of users, pending requests, etc.
  4. Billing: This allows the admin to analyze the invoices and bills submitted by the users and drivers.
  5. Vehicle management: In this section, the admin can find and manage all the details related to vehicles, trucks and shipment orders.
  6. Push notification: This feature enables the admin to receive notification alerts and updates about the delivery route, shipment and request to users.

Logistic App Driver Panel

logistic app driver panel.jpg

  1. Register: The driver can register himself using his social media details or email ID.
  2. Request: This particular section or feature helps the driver to manage all his applications. He can also keep track of his completed and pending requests. 
  3. Freight details: In this section, the driver can find all the details about his freights such as fuel charges, distance covered, etc. 
  4. Shipper details: The driver can avail details like address, name, destination, contact, locations and so on.
  5. Navigation: With the help of this feature, the driver can follow the safest and the fastest route to deliver the shipment.
  6. Payments: This is the section where the driver keeps a record of the payments made by the user.

Well, these are the features for each of the classification of the logistics app. apart from these, there are other essential features as well. This includes:

  1. In-app chat: This feature enables communication between all the parties.
  2. Trip log reports: This allows the admin to store all the details related to the trip.
  3. Driver safety: The admin can monitor the movements of the driver to ensure his safety.

Business Benefits of Logistics Mobile App Development

Now that you are already aware of the features of the mobile logistics app let’s take a look at the various benefits of logistics mobile app development.

  1. Easy process: A logistics company is expected to pick and deliver the shipments on time. From the picking of the goods to its delivery, the entire process needs to flow smoothly. This can be achieved with the help of a mobile logistics app.
  2. Easy warehouse management: Every warehouse manager requires a mobile app. This helps them to reduce inaccuracies and errors that are mostly resulted from manual work.
  3. Efficient service: With the help of a mobile logistics app, you are also able to deliver efficient service to your customers. Not just that, but it also allows you to manage your workforce for your business.

Cost of the Logistic App Development: 

A mobile logistics app can be developed with the help of a logistic app development company. The total cost of acquiring such an app is dependent on several factors. For example, the number of features included in the app is one of the main factors that influence the total cost. Other than that, the amount of time required to design the app is also an essential factor to consider. It usually takes $20 to $500 per hour.


To run your logistics business successfully, you need to get hold of a mobile app designed for your every need. Before you decide to make use of such an app; you need first to find out the cost of the logistic app development. Overall, it can be concluded that a logistic mobile app can enable the logistic domain to function smoothly and efficiently.

Feature of Logistics Mobile App Development
Cost of Logistics Mobile App Development
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