Everything You Need to Know About Dating App Development
Published January 24,2019 by Saikiran

Everything You Need to Know About Dating App Development

With annual revenue surpassing $3 billion, the dating app industry is on the boom. Reports show that almost 40% Americans and worldwide approximately 40 million people use dating apps like Tinder.

Ever since Tinder was launched, there has been a surge in mobile dating applications. People have stopped going to cafés, bars, and libraries to find their soul mate or partner for a short-term relationship.

Over the past decade, dating apps have become more popular and socially acceptable. These dating apps cater to people of all age, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Therefore, dating apps like Tinder are becoming increasingly popular, especially among the younger generation.

Although investing in a dating app is a wise decision, you must have a plan in place before you jump in to develop a dating app like Tinder. A good dating app has to have the following essential features:

Geolocation: Connecting people across the planet is good but connecting people within a city, state, or a hundred-mile range is equally important.

Private Chat: Despite being one of the most conventional features of a dating or a social networking app, it should not be taken for granted.

Discovery Setting: This feature enables your users to sort people based on their interests, demands, and preferences. It lets a user search for matches in an easy and effective way. Registration: Users find this part of a dating app to be very boring. Therefore, allowing your users to register through their Facebook account or Google Hangouts accounts will make the process of registration easier.

Once you have decided the key features of your dating app, it is time to focus on the platforms. Almost all the popular dating apps are available for iOS and Android. Some of them are also available on Windows. The security of the customers, the reliability of the app, the scope of the project, and the development cost comes next in the list. However, before we move forward, lets quickly check out some of the most popular dating apps.


Check Out Some of the Most Popular Dating Apps

1. Tinder

Probably the most popular dating app across the globe, it has features like left-swipe to refuse a match, or right-swipe to accept a match. With likes, superlikes, chats, group chats, social login, matches around you, and recommendations, it has everything a user would want.

2. Happn

It is a unique kind of dating app because it helps a user discover people, they have already crossed paths with. Whether a user is on the streets, cafes or concerts, he or she just has to turn on the location services on their phones and get matched with someone. It has fun features like “Just say Hi.”

3. Zoosk

The dating app for serious relationships, Zoosk uses artificial intelligence (AI) to check user preferences and offer better matches. It also validates users’ phone numbers and photos.

Guidelines To Be Followed In Dating App Development

The reason for discussing those apps was to give you an idea of the number of features that can be embedded in a dating app. Now let us check what concepts a dating app developer has to follow to create a successful dating mobile application.

1. Application Target Users

Developing an app is possible only by keeping in mind the target users of an application and a dating app is no different. Having a clear vision regarding target users increases the success ratio.

2. Mobile Platforms and Devices to be Supported

For selecting mobile platforms and devices, certain factors should be kept in mind, such as hardware performance, coverage, battery life, device support, ruggedness, and required peripherals.

3. Revenue Model

You must thoughtfully build a revenue model. You can consider to include paid applications, separate app and in-app freemiums, advertisements, subscription, and pay per download. The aim of a revenue model is to attract a user and let him or her spend money on features that they find important and intriguing.

4. Design of the App

The success of a dating app depends a lot on its design. While designing an app, concentrate on the UI design, multi-touch gestures for touch-enabled devices, and consider platform design standards as well.

5. Identify the Approach to Develop the App

Selecting the right approach for developing an app is highly important. These approaches include native, web, or hybrid.

  • Native: Native apps are basically platform or device specific and require expertise along with knowledge of the platform or device. These are costly as well as time taking, but deliver the highest user experience amongst all the approaches
  • Web:  Web apps are quick and cheap to develop and can run on multiple platforms. These apps are developed using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code. These are less powerful than native apps.
  • Hybrid : This latest approach of developing an app, combines prebuilt native containers with an on-the-fly web coding to achieve the best of both worlds. In this approach, the web code is augmented with native language to create unique features and access native APIs, which are not yet available through a JavaScript.

6. Develop a Prototype

After identifying the approach develop a prototype. Implement the idea and turn it into an application with some basic functionality.

7. Decide the Features

As already discussed above, a dating app can offer a variety of features to its users.

Some Of The Essential Features To Consider For Dating App Development

1. Facebook Login

A preferred way of signing up, it is used to collect information and create a user profile. Ensure that when your user signs up with Facebook, your app asks for the user’s permission before posting anything.

2. User Profile

Information that is collected from Facebook, such as bio, images, interests, age, sex, etc., would be used to create the initial user profile. A user can also customize his or her profile using albums from Facebook. Letting the users create an “about me” content is also a good idea.

3. Find Matches

With adjustable settings, it uses system algorithms to match people and offer possible matches. In this feature, users can find their match as per their search criteria. By swiping on their screens, a user can like or dislike a profile.

4. Push Notifications

Real-time alerts can let your users know about events such as messages, matches, and reminders.

5. Settings

To find the perfect match, users would be able to configure criteria like age, sex, and proximity.

6. Chat

It will help the users to initiate a chat with the matched person and to delete them in case they want to discontinue communication.

7. Social Integration

Besides, Facebook, users should have the option to login with social media accounts. Your app should be integrated with those accounts to collect data for user profiles and offering matches.

8. Admin Panel

An admin panel would help you manage the users.

Process We Follow To Build an Application


If you are looking for an experienced company to develop an app, your one-stop solution is Tvisha Technologies. Situated at Hyderabad in India, we are a Mobile app development company. We have successfully designed, developed, and delivered a large number of apps on iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

Our experience in technology innovation, software designing-development, and business consultancy differentiate us from our competitors. We design fast-track and customized IT solutions for our customers. The services we give are the evidence of neoteric technology enactment.

Providing high-end security to our customers is the foremost priority. We give our customers efficient, effective, and economical solutions with automation to reduce red tape, delays, and fix responsibilities. We keep mobility at a height for business magnification. We develop an app in accordance with the time and budget constraints of a client.

Cost Of Dating App Development

While developing a dating app, the cost varies depending on the features you want to include and the number of platforms you want to cover, and obviously the target group’s performances. Developing a dating app like Tinder requires complex architecture, thus requiring a thorough and long development process.

If we take a closer look at app development, only the iOS version of Tinder includes 555+ hours, which includes basic components like onboarding, my profile page, messenger, discover people feature, matching, and settings.

Apart from that, backend requires 200+ hours and UI/UX design require around 100 hours. Given the numbers, if the average hourly rate is estimated at around $25-30, the cost of development for the simplest dating app can vary between $23,750 and $28,500. This data is based on developing an app for only one platform. An app for both Android as well as iOS would cost somewhere around $37,500 and $45,000.

We know that a Dating mobile app development requires a lot of intellectual and financial resources. From determining the target group and studying your competitors to designing matching algorithms, security and chatting features, we take many things into consideration. And, as we know it is a costly process, we design apps for you that are of the highest quality.

Your search for best mobile Dating App Development Company for iOS and Android ends here, with Tvisha Technologies. Do not hesitate to reach out to our company and get answers to your questions.

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