Develop An App Like 1mg
Published August 05,2019 by Davu Siva

Develop An App Like 1mg

The complete guide to developing an app like 1mg

 Nothing is more important than your health and proper healthcare is always of primary concern to lead an active lifestyle. However, with rapid urbanization and mushrooming of industries, the ecosystem has been subject to a steady decline. High levels of pollution have opened floodgates to hitherto non-prevalent diseases come to the fore. Medicines are an essential part to cure those ailments and this has lead to the Medical delivery app development. The mobile app technology is not only thriving but is also spreading to diverse business verticals.

 It is no less to say that the health industry is one among those that have benefitted by the fruits of technology. Even the pharmaceutical industry has been constantly reaching new heights by establishing its online presence and by carrying out online selling of medicines. This is what that has paved a path for creating interest to many entrepreneurs of this pharmaceutical industry to develop an app like 1mg. The app 1mg has been an epoch-making revolution that has been widely applauded for delivering medicines online.

Before going deep into the topic let me introduce you to this medicine delivery app

 An online medicine delivery app allows the user to select their required medicine online by choosing their desired pill. This application contains a list of medicines of various brands and composition. Here you are also provided with the option of choosing the package for lab tests. Also, you can consult a doctor for any further queries and can order the medicine specified by the doctors. Finally, your medicines are delivered at your doorstep.

Features of an online medicine delivery app

For User Panel

Registration of the user:

 This feature allows the user to sign up the app by using their email id or any other social media account. Here the users need to fill some basic details to create their profile.

Search medicines:

 Here the users can search for their desired medicine by typing the name of it or by the name of illness in the search option.

Add to cart:

 This feature enables the user to add the desired medicine in the cart and finally, they can make a purchase whenever they find the time. Here the user can add any number of items to the cart.

Scan and Upload prescriptions:

 Here the user can upload the prescription given by the doctor by scanning it and can choose the medicines by simply having a look at it.

Ask the doctor:

 This feature provides a platform for the user to directly consult the doctor and ask suggestions regarding their illness and can easily find the required medicines and get the necessary tips to be healthy.


 Various blogs related to the medication and importance of health, contemporary trends in fitness, how to identify specific disease, etc can be written and posted in the application. The user can read all these blogs.

Get trending fitness meals:

 Here the user can find information about the highly trending fitness items and products. They can also view the list of top ordered medicines.

Track your order:

 This feature enables the user to know the status of their product that they have ordered. Every detail like the order accepted the order dispatched, the arrival of the order can be viewed clearly. So that the user can stay informed about the exact delivery time of their product.

Returning the product:

 This feature enables the user to return the medicine if they find them inappropriate to their requirements. They can appeal for the refund of the amount that they paid for their order.

Ensured product quality:

 Users are ensured that the product they order is of high quality. The user can check the hallmarks and all certifications to make sure that the product they ordered is of high-standard.

Push Notifications:

 These are used to remind the users regarding their confirmation of the order, payment, etc. They can also be used to inform the deals of the day and the existing offers on the products.

Make payments:

 Here the users can make the payment for the product by using their credit or debit card and by paying the cash directly when they receive the order. They are also provided with the option of making the payment through the eWallet.

For Admin Panel

Effective Management of information:

 The admin of the application can manage all the data related to the store and the users who have registered into the application.

List and organize their products:

 The store that is going to sell their medicines and other products can enlist the items. This can be efficiently managed by the admin of the application.

Manage the details of the products:

 The complete details of the product like the nutritional data, chemical composition, manufactured date, etc are managed by the admin of the app.

Manage prices:

 This feature enables the dealer to optimize the price of the medicines and other products according to their concern.

Cost of developing a medicine delivery app

 To develop an app like 1mg is a costly affair. An app like this requires an intuitive UI/UX designs and should be easy for the users. Moreover, the more complex the features of the application, the more will be the cost.

 Also, if you want an outstanding application you should consult a good mobile app development company. This is also one of the major factors that determine the cost.

However, if you are interested in creating a sophisticated mobile application it costs around $20,000-$30,000.

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