How To Develop App Like PubG
Published June 10,2019 by Tvisha

How To Develop App Like PubG

In the today’s era where the gamers are always on the lookout for the exciting, interesting and multi-level games, PUBG has come off as one of the top- rated games that can take over the world with its graphics, effects, levels and challenges. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG first came as a desktop game which was later on developed as a mobile game. A game where the player is thrown onto an island and s/he faces the challenge to be the last one standing alive. Players play this game solo as well as multi player or a group of total four players.

How to Develop a Mobile Game like PUBG with a Future Deliberation?

A guide to help you how to create a game like pubg plan and execute your mobile game development project. If you want to know how to develop app like PUBG, this article is for you. The development of a mobile gaming app like PUBG is majorly based on the gaming strategy that you would want to inculcate, the technology for graphics, effects, challenges, in-app purchases etc. 100 real players get together to fight against each other.

Inspired with this game, many developers and start-up thinkers are wanting to build an app like PUBG. There are major requisites to develop a mobile game like PUBG and the one that is equally successful and filled with the same quality graphics that PUBG offers its players.

Following are Some Points that will Help the Developers of the Game:

1. Strategy of the Game

Highly crucial and imperative feature of a Game App Developmentis the gaming strategy. What kind of a game is to be developed, what kind of challenges the game will inhabit, the functioning of the game, whether the game will be able to keep its players interested or not; all these questions need to be answered before the developers set out to develop the app. In a game like PUBG, the range of weapons, variety of vehicles and other supplies, the graphics of the game, the effects both audio and visual, rewards within the game etc. will be taken into consideration while developing the new game.

2. Launching Platforms

This means on which platforms the game will be built and launched. Android and iOS stores will be targeted for the game players. The thinkers of the game will need to target their audience first. This thought needs to be taken into consideration before the app is developed because this alone will gain the game its popularity. For the information, over 500 games are given way to the iOS app store for launch everyday. And only few get selected.

3. Game Concept

A game like PUBG will have the concept of bringing in the players together in a battle arena for them to fight against each other. The gaming concept is clear but to keep it engaging for the users/ players is of utmost importance. Good graphics and an attractive design will be able to hold a player’s attention but not for long. In order for them to stay hooked with your game, the game must have interesting fight levels, in-app rewards, exciting challenges, hardships to the extent of not boring the player. Features of App Like Pubg include a dynamic game concept.

Various challenges may include the type of weapons they can use, time limit to cross that level, the number of players one player has to fight, the minimum level of energy to be maintained and so on. It occurs most of the times, that a players feels stuck at one stage and wants to quit. To avoid that, the game can have other interesting things like a mock fight. This will boost the players’ interest and engagement in the game.

4. Wonderful Graphics

A game developer understands how important great graphics in a game are. Developing a game with realistic graphics, additional features in the design, minute detailing will make your game a treat to eyes. Functionality of App Like Pubg must include detailed 3D graphics, bright colours, adjustable resolution. It should have the settings relating to the brightness and sharpness control and sound control.
The game should be designed in a way that it’s available on every device ranging from a mobile phone, tablet to the desktop.

5. Social Media Sharing

The games these days are well equipped with the social media sharing features where the payers can share their achievements on the social media handle. This way the game will gain the popularity and audience. The players must be able to share their goals, or energy levels or stages crossed, rewards received. The social media handle can be Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Cost of Development of a Mobile App Like Pubg

A mobile game like PUBG with unique features and UX design and graphics requires a diligent team of app and game developers, project managers, engineers. The estimated time to develop an app like PUBG may take upto a year. Owing to the features of the game, marketing strategies and launching the game on popular platforms, functionality, the Cost to Develop App Like Pubg can be between $40,000 to $50,000.

Technologies Required to Develop an App Like Pubg

Once all the strategies have been planned out, the team of developers gathered and the concept and required features of the game made clear to related persons, it’s time to opt out the best technology to develop the app.

Programming Languages Used to Develop a Gaming App Are


To develop a game like PUBG, the JAVA programming language can be used. JAVA can be used as a side sourcing language and also for launching the app on various platforms ranging from desktop to Mobile phone. Java is the official language used to build Android gaming apps which will make the game easy to be launched on Android devices.

2. Unreal Engine 4

Coded in c++ language, the game like PUBG can developed with this game engine for realistic game graphics and great portability.

3. Python

A general-purpose programming language, PYTHON can be used to develop the core of the game like PUBG. It brings in more security to the mobile gaming app and enables the programmers and developers to develop a highly functional and adaptable game.

4. Pearl 6

The same programming language has been used to develop the Games of Thrones along with PUBG. Since it is an object oriented programming language, it facilities simplified coding and interprocess communication. Because of this language, the errors will be detected at early stage making the development of a gaming app faster.


With the above-mentioned features and functionality and using the above-mentioned technology, a you can Develop App Like Pubg at a cost of upto $50,000.

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