How to Use an NDA for App Development
Published May 23,2022 by Tvisha Technologies

How to Use an NDA for App Development

In the app development stage, there is an essential part called Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA). It is the legal document which ensures your app security and does not let your app idea leak in the present competitive market. It also grants app developers confidence and peace of mind throughout the app development process.

If your mobile app development company needs to be secure and protect their app idea’s sensitive information, the NDA is the better place to begin. Because without using NDA, your information is vulnerable to your circle, and it gets leaked easily.

What Needs to be Included in an NDA?

When writing NDA, you don’t have to strictly follow any template, only if it has everything you need to write NDA. Some of the crucial things to include in an NDA.

  •  Provide in detail which information is confidential and private, so that other individuals can understand it.
  •  Make sure you are eliminating the points about the proposal vs contract from the document. In other words, in the proposal stage, you   or  your team may have suggested many ideas, but when it reaches the contract stage, you have to exclude those ideas that didn't get   approved.
  •  Make a list of the parties involved and those under contract.
  •  Describe and explain which information should be used and shouldn't be utilised.
  •  Also, create a list of punishments if anyone violates the agreement.   
  •  Set a timeframe of how long you can keep the data disclosed after the end.
  •  What type of punishment can the court give if the violation is done.

Setting these things in NDA can offer lead to the long term success of your mobile app.

Why Do you Need to Shelter your Mobile App Idea?

When an organisation is hiring the services of an app development company, they ask them to write NDA, even before sharing data about their organisation and processes which effects their business. It is done only when information may be disclosed with intention or without it. For example, if a company introduces the building of popular mobile app ideas, they require assurance regarding the privacy of their app idea.

An organisation needs Android app developers or the app development firm to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement. It is important that you brief about your project, then only your hiring app company can understand your requirements and create NDA.

If other people sponsor your project, you also need to captivate the sponsor's attention. So it is better to create NDA only after discussing your project with the hiring company. It is better to take the suggestion from your lawyer if you are thinking of adding some clauses to the written NDA. To ensure the agreement's privacy, you have to include every employee working with you on the particular project.

Types of Non-Disclosure Agreement

You can find three types of NDA.

1. Unilateral NDA’s

They are also called one way NDA where one party can only reveal the confidential data to the other party. It is a common type of NDA which comes into the act when companies like to pass on essential data to clients, advisors, stakeholders, partners etc.

Types of Unilateral NDA’s

  • Company-Contractor NDA’s.
  • Employee - Employee NDA’s.
  • Inventor - Evaluator NDA’s.
  • Seller - Buyer NDA’s.

2. Bilateral NDA’s

These NDA are also referred to as two-way or mutual NDA, where both parties need to reveal the information. However, both parties need to limit how one party can utilise and share the data.

These are used in scenarios where both parties need to exchange private data during the negotiations. It includes joint ventures, acquisitions, and corporate takeovers.

3. Multilateral NDA’s

It comprises three or more parties, from which one party will exchange information with other parties to safeguard the information from further disclosure. These agreements will remove the necessity for unilateral or bilateral NDA. They are commonly found in complicated and heavy negotiator deals.

Crucial Things to Know About NDA

1. Signing an NDA will Not Serve Your Purpose 

Sometimes, signing an agreement and thinking it provides security to your app development might be impossible. Before anything, you need to understand the clause, but development will have your secured information. But if they get a similar project, they might accept it because many companies don’t have the rules of not taking projects with similar concepts.

So, it is in your hands on how much you can trust your hired developers during the mobile app development process. However, many app development companies ensure their customers provide the best services to build good bonding and maintain it for a long time.

2. Making Both Sided NDA 

There is assurance that your information has privacy if the NDA is one-sided. So, when you are ready to prepare an NDA, you need to ensure that the NDA used is both sided. One is on the developer side, and the other is on the customer side.

You should take signatures on the agreement from the members associated with the project from the client and developer sides. If you don’t do it, there is a higher chance of leaking your information quickly.

When Do you need to Sign an NDA During App Development?

The concern of signing an NDA seems less when both parties have mutual understanding during the app development or working with a famous brand or application development company.

A non-disclosure agreement offers various advantages :

  • It assures you to protect your complete project and app rights under development.
  • It offers the absolute property security associated with the application and its whole development process.

So, the Non-Disclosure Agreement is the legal document which safeguards your valuable secrets without letting them get leaked. Suppose if it gets revealed, you can take legal action. Then, it will completely shelter your app idea not to be misused by your rivals even before its launch

Who should you sign an NDA with?

Many individuals will develop an app idea into a real one. Even though teamwork is essential during the app development process to move on the correct path, plans can derail if steps aren’t taken properly while writing NDA.

The Below Mentioned Are the People who Need to Sign an NDA :

1. App Designers

During the app design, there will be a considerable amount of information exchanged. So, the protected structure can ensure that the app gets a more excellent user experience.

2. App Developers

App developers are the one who knows how your app functions and what is involved in the process of app development. Therefore, you need to ensure that they are trustworthy when developing an application.

3. Quality Assurance

A series of testing needs to be done by testers before an application gets launched. If everything is working correctly, they must get to know some data related to the application.

4. Anyone Associated with the Project

It includes employees, investors, specialists, and the one associated with this particular project.

When do I need to make them sign an NDA?

Before disclosing the information, you need to make the people sign an NDA. It will offer you opportunities while you face the law court. Also, if you hire any app development company, don’t forget to take the signature instantly. You can begin working on the client’s product if you immediately sign an NDA.

If you didn't hire anyone yet, but the interview needs confidential data to be enclosed, then an NDA can be signed. It can quickly help you find the right person that matches your organisation's requirements with legal protection.

However, most companies will start their application development before signing an NDA. There is nothing to worry about, as it is better to take care of it as soon as possible. The procedure will become complicated when there is a requirement to add retroactive data.

Benefits of Signing an NDA for App Development

Signing an NDA during app development is essential as many are associated with it. In addition, app developers and clients prefer to sign an NDA during the transition phase to avoid any disagreement. Let’s discuss some of the advantages of signing an NDA for application development.

1. Define Confidentiality

NDA enables the parties to define confidential information. For example, it is the data which involves some important information or document related or top secrets.

2. Protecting Confidential Information

The primary purpose of signing an NDA is to safeguard confidential information during the initial app development meetings. In addition, it leads to the parties agreeing with private and secure personal duties.

3. Provision for Breaching

NDA incorporates provisions dealing with the signee breaching repercussions of NDA. Additionally, if damages occur for breach of NDA, you will be sanctioned to apply in a court to seek relief to prevent a particular recipient from disclosing the confidential data.

4. Adaptability

Based on particular situations, an NDA allows the parties to adopt confidentiality terms, conditions, and obligations on when these things are applicable until the termination of the contract.

Reasons for Signing an NDA

Businesses should carefully hire someone who can bring your app concept into reality by converting their vision. You must share their application idea with the concerning app consulting partners. When businesses are sharing sensitive data with their consulting partners, they think of protecting it from access by third parties.

Signing an NDA for mobile applications with development organisations offers them a surety that other individuals will not misuse the information.

Other reasons why businesses sign an NDA for mobile applications

  • If it possesses essential information that requires complete protection.
  • If both parties have crucial information to safeguard.
  • If a business wishes to keep the total project a secret.
  • In the scenario where the project needs confidentiality, short term data.

What are the clauses included in an NDA for Mobile App Development?

  • The information needs to be kept safely.
  • Timeframe of NDA.
  • NDA breach consequences.
  • Obligation and duty parties of NDA.
  • Return of the data.

Why signing an NDA is essential for app development?

NDA plays an essential part in the process of mobile app development outsourcing. It enables you to protect the intellectual property and your app ideas at each stage and phase throughout the competition of the project.

  • Ideas are not the ones which come under copyright protection. No one can own your app idea. So signing an NDA will protect the method's originality. Therefore, when you hire an app development company, you need to ask for NDA before sharing the app ideas.
  • Maintaining trade secrets helps different businesses to stand out as the best ones in the competitive market. However, you shouldn’t let your custom development partner give your essential ingredient to your rivals. In such situations, signing an NDA is the most important one.
  • When you deal with sensitive information such as healthcare issues, financial data, or information which shouldn’t be accessible to the public, you must consider signing an NDA. The effective NDA will let you know which data should not be shared with the third parties and which must be kept confidential.
  • You don't need to spend so much money to give away your application idea. However, when you think that cost development is high, you have to prepare an NDA.


Thus, you need to know these things before using an NDA for app development. Signing an NDA is essential to protect your app ideas and other properties during the application development stages. In addition, it can help coordinate with other parties to avoid any conflicts.

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