Mobile App Development for Your Jewellery Business is like Hitting the Gold
Published September 17,2019 by Vamsi Bandi

Mobile App Development for Your Jewellery Business is like Hitting the Gold

Jewellery is an asset and it has market value and been trading for ages. There is a myth that managing a jewellery store online successfully is a tough row to hoe. However, not! This is the era where everything is on mobile from stationery shops to startups. If you are a jeweller or businessman, then keep reading to know every nook and corner of app development that makes you stand tall in the crowd.

“Karat is the measure to test the purity of gold jewellery- the Mobile app is the measure to test your business success.”

How Does the Mobile App Trigger Jewellery Shops to a Top-Notch?

There is a big buzz around mobile app development since its inception in the world. Before checking out the stores that buy the jewellery, people can browse the ornaments through the app.

  1. Global Reach: As mobile apps are the current trend now, all people will aware of them. It gives immense and wide reach. The more reach your store gets, the more sales your business will gain.
  2. Builds the Brand: Mobile apps can build a brand and is cost-effective. These days, who have a mobile app for their business is the most opted ones by customers.
  3. Showcase your Products: As there are several mobile users, it will be a great platform to showcase your products such as new collections, new categories, fancy and latest designs, and antique jewellery.
  4. Increase in ROI: Undoubtedly, you will get more sales with the app development hence greater returns.
  5. Availability of Analytics: The availability of analytics helps in knowing the customers’ interest, and their choices, the frequent days and seasons in which there are more visitors, customers’ details, etc. It will give insights into your business and help in taking your business to the next level.
  6. All-Around Connectivity: Once the app downloaded in mobile phones, it remains with customers. Thus, it bridges the gap between you and customers.

Make all jewellery collections in one place with Jewelry mobile app!

Make sure that the Android app development company which you choose includes all collection including brands and types you have in your jewellery store without a miss.

How Will Be Jewellery Mobile App Featured?

The iOS app development Company may design an app that consists of two panels – Admin and User. If you have multiple stores at different locations, then you can add a deliverer panel too.

User Panel

  1. Login/Registration: This feature allows the users to log in to the Jewellery Shopping App through their credentials like email or Facebook or they can create their profile into the application. In the profile, they can see all the history of the orders, received products, and monetary transactions made by them.
  2. Add to wish list/add to cart: The ornaments selected by the users can be added to the wish list in their profile. If they want to buy, they can add to the cart and proceed to the payment process.
  3. New Collection: It lets the users select from the collection of different jewelry with beads and charms.
  4. Store Locator: If you have multiple stores, then this feature allows users to locate the store in which their desired ornament is available.
  5. Customization: This feature allows the users to add/delete/change/reorder the ornaments according to their wishes.
  6. Order Management: Users can make/ cancel/ reorder/schedule their orders.
  7. Ratings and Reviews: The customers’ feedback through ratings and reviews can help you in improving the business.

Admin Panel

  1. Create/Manage Jewellery Catalog: The admin can create the catalog of jewelry with all the listed products and manage them by adding a price tag to each jewelry.
  2. Track Orders: Both the admin and users can track the orders instantly with Geo-fencing or Geotagging integration into the application.
  3. Manage Alerts and Notifications: The mobile apps have the advantage to promote their business within the apps through ads. They can get the latest product notification instantly through the app. Also, generate invoice or receipt, and email it to the customer.
  4. Scanning Bar Codes to Add/Remove the Product: If the jewelry was sold, the admin can remove the product from the catalog by scanning the bar code which is attached to every product in the store.
  5. Shipping Options: The admin has to provide global shipping options to get international sales which increases revenue.
  6. History and Reports: The admin can get all the history such as orders placed/canceled/ reordered/ rescheduled, etc. on the dashboard and generate reports which give insights into his business.


  1. Payment Gateway integration: Secured payment gateways help in monetary transactions that allow multiple gateways such as online payment through credit or debit cards, net banking, or cash on delivery. Make the secure payment gateways so that it can generate your international monetary transactions.
  2. SMS and API integration: To get notifications.
  3. Geotagging: To track the live location of the delivery of products.
  4. Content Management System (to update the content of a huge stack of your jewelry and its categories)
  5. Cloud Storage Integration (to store a huge stack of data of your jewelry at all your locations)
  6. Ratings and Reviews (A separate software application to give feedback)

Improve the buying decisions of customers with AR/VR mobile app

The emerging technology can make wonders. Utilizing the AR and VR in mobile app development will give exceptional user experience if you have more budget. The customers can view virtually how the jewelry fits them. Is that look good or not? They can make choices with a single touch without consuming much of their time. It will act as a sure shot for increased sales hence revenue.

Which company to choose?

There is a big competition around the development of mobile apps. Choose a Mobile App Development Company wisely and tie-up with them. Ask their portfolio and budget allotments for the app features and then decide whether you can associate with them or not. Make sure that they show high-quality images of jewelry in the app since images play a key role in customers’ buying decisions.

Make sure that:

  • Your mobile app has a user-friendly interface
  • Targeting the class customers
  • Building app on both platforms – iOS and Android
  • “in fashion”, “new collections” jewelry must be included in your app

Summing Up

In a nutshell, mobile apps are the quick generators of more number of sales. From the functioning of the app to profit generation, you no need to worry about it. The app can bring you success hassle-free.

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