Mission to Mars SpaceX: Websites for All News Updates - Elon Musk
Published June 14,2018 by Tvisha

Mission to Mars SpaceX: Websites for All News Updates - Elon Musk

One of the most common themes in science fiction is a permanent human habitation on a faraway planet. Elon Musk is trying really hard to transform that fiction into a reality. His company SpaceX aims to send its first cargo Mission to Mars in the year 2022. The objectives for that mission are to identify water resources and potential hazards and to set up initial power, mining, and life support infrastructure. SpaceX also intends to send a second mission with cargos as well as crew by the year 2024. The primary objectives of the second mission would be to build a propellant depot and prepare for future crew flights.

Elon Musk’s Mars Colonize Concept

Elon Musk intends to use the spaceships from those initial missions as the beginning of his first Mars base, from where he will try to build a flourishing city and eventually a self-sustaining civilization on Mars. The 2024 mission will comprise four ships, out of which two will carry the space cargo and the other two will carry the first Martian explorers. Once those four ships have successfully landed, there will be regular cargo launches that would maintain a sufficient supply of food and other essentials for those people.

Space X has built an environmental control and life support system for one of its spacecrafts, which keeps its astronauts comfortable and alive. Over the next 50–100 years, approximately 1 million people would be shipped so that a human colony is established on Mars.

Technology and Spaceships Used for the Mission

Musk has designed a Mars vehicle, initially called the “Interplanetary Transport System” but now rechristened to BFR (short for “Big F—ing Rocket), that could be approximately 350 feet tall and can carry space cargo of up to 300 tons. BFR can enter the atmosphere of Mars at a speed of 7.5 kilometers/second and decelerate aerodynamically. It has a heat shield that can withstand multiple entries, but due to the extensive heat on entering Mars, it could experience some ablation of the heat shield.

Traveling from Earth to Mars : 

BFR would be the fastest vehicle ever built and could make some of the longest trips in approximately 30 minutes. The secret to that great speed would be the absence of friction and weather in the outer space. For a better understanding of the time taken to travel to Mars, have a look at the following table posted on SpaceX’s website.

Route Distance Commerical Line Time Via BFR
Los Angeles to New York 3,983km 5 hours, 25 min 25 min
Bangkok to Dubai 4,909km 6 hours, 25 min 27 min
Tokyo to Singapore 5,350km 7 hours, 10 min 28 min
London to New York 5,555km 7 hours, 55 min 29 min
New York to Paris 5,849km 7 hours, 20 min 30 min
Sydney to Singapore 6,288km 8 hours, 20 min 31 min
Los Angeles to London 8,781km 10 hours, 30 min 32 min
London to Hong Kong 9,648km 11 hours, 50 min 34 min


Websites for Latest Updates on Mission Mars and Elon Musk?s Mars Colonize : 

Now that we have garnered your interest in the Mission to Mars, you might be hungry for more information. Don’t worry we have also shortlisted some great websites that can feed your insatiable hunger for space.

  1. Obviously the best source of information, this website provides information pertaining to the design, technology, and strategy of their Mission to Mars. They also have some fantastic videos explaining the concepts and some great PDFs about their design and technology that can enlighten you. They have an updates section where you can find all the latest news about SpaceX’s Mission to Mars and about the numerous awards and contracts that have been awarded to it by NASA. The updates section is divided into two parts, one is called Space X News, where you will find good articles about their future and past space missions. The other part is rightly labeled as Launch Manifest, where you will find the launch details of everySpaceX mission displayed chronologically.
  2. Founded in the year 1999 by news anchor Lou Dobbs and the first American woman in space, Sally Ride, Space has been a premier source of space-related news. Its team of writers and editors are trained journalists who are very passionate space fans. The website has a large collection of quality articles that take its visitors across the solar system and beyond. Their collection ranges from skywatching guides, news about robotic probes visiting other planets, rocket launches, and stunning photos of the night sky. It has an abundance of information about SpaceX’s Mission to Mars and also offers some critical reviews about those plans.
  3. Ken Fisher started Ars Technica in the year 1998 as a publication that would be devoted to technology and would target technologists and IT professionals. Over the years, the website has had wonderful contributions from its unique editorial staff, who provide tech policy analysis, technology news, breakdowns of the latest scientific advancements, as well as software, hardware, and gadget reviews. On this website, you will find tons of articles regarding SpaceX‘s Mission to Mars that will not only keep you posted about the mission but also will give you some great critical analysis of their moves.
  4. Another great website development for space enthusiasts was done by Spaceflightnow, founded in 1999. The website features ongoing missions, upcoming launches, current news, and archived articles. It has a dedicated team working from their Kennedy Space Center news bureau that is keen on providing live coverage of launches from the Space Coast, Florida. They very closely follow each and every development in space research and publish interviews of prominent astronomers, engineers, and scientists of NASA and Kennedy Space Center, among others. Besides providing live feeds of space shuttle launches, Spaceflightnow also offers an extensive coverage of SpaceX‘s Mars missions.

The above information should hopefully quench your thirst at least temporarily when it comes to SpaceX’s Mission to Mars and the listed websites can give you your regular doses not only of SpaceX’s Mars missions but also of other advancements in the space research and technology domain.

Mission to Mars SpaceX
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