Mobile Applications Ruining Family Bonding
Published April 29,2016 by Tvisha

Mobile Applications Ruining Family Bonding

Need grocery? Open Grocery Store app.

Bills to be paid? Open Mobile Banking App.

Party Tomorrow, Need an aqua turquoise blue clutch? Open Shopping App.

You name it and your mobile device has it. We are constantly being inundated with mobile applications. Mobile devices were initially designed as a communication tool. But today mobile devices are a status symbol. Catching on this situation, many companies have branched out into mobile app development. More the number of social app icons on mobile screen, higher the status – Mobile devices are just not communication tools but an important part of our modern culture. Application Development has become prime business. Android app development and mobile application development are taken by companies to fatten their bottom lines. Living with these devices the young, the old and the new have forgotten an important aspect of life- Family, relationships and bonding. People of today equate talking to loved ones via social media apps as quality time. This misconception has put many relationships in trouble and ended many strong bonds. Time for app developers to sit and think!

Be it a marital relationship or a parental relationship, we need to step out of the virtual world and live in the real world. Parents are warned to restrict the amount of screen time when they are with children. Restricted eye and face-to-face contact is known to have caused developmental problems in children. This also leads to low parent-child bonding. Left-out feeling, irritable nature and lack of focus are some of the general complaints noted with kids who have distracted parents. Remember parents! Facebook notification is not important than your child’s go-goo’s and ga-gaa’s.

Family dinners are no more a quality time. Gone are the days when dinner tables had long conversations of the day. Now, everybody digs into their phones and plates. The old lifestyle where conversations happened ensured strong family bonding. Family time talks helps in better performance of an individual and achieve great targets. Interaction with family imbibes a sense of support from family. Isolated kids or adults feel insecure and are not motivated to take risks. Let’s make sure the mobile devices stay at the door when we meet for dinner.

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To end with, we give you some tips to grow and develop strong family bonds

  • Work can wait. Switch off devices when you are with loved ones.

  • Practice no technology period. Revert to the by-gone era. Pull out the dusty scrabble board and start playing. Go out, run around.

  • Exercise a family hobby.

  • Turn to mom or dad for suggestions, not google.

It is time we wake up and learn that mobile devices can never substitute human presence. Screens are harmful for children and grown-ups. Put forward your hand for playing nail painting with your toddler. This will strengthen the parental bond with your child than presenting your device with the nail painting station games. Parents love the warmth and comfort of hugs from kids in person than a mobile alert carrying a ‘Love you and hugs’ message. Put down those devices and look around today. You will know life is more colorful than the magnificent wallpaper on the device.

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