Mobile Website Or Mobile App: Which Is More Advantageous ?
Published March 11,2020 by Peter Aiken

Mobile Website Or Mobile App: Which Is More Advantageous ?

In this technologically driven era, every business wishes to expand and grow to the maximum possible extent and optimize revenue. They, therefore, take recourse to online methods which helps in leaving an indelible impression on the minds of the readers by making Android apps or iOs apps or making an appropriate website to cater to their needs. If you are planning to expand your business and proposing to create online presence, you will probably have to decide whether you need to develop a mobile app or make your web presence via a website. In both the cases, you need to decide as to which option is more viable for your business unit.

Basic Difference Between a Website And a Web App

A website basically contains browser-based HTML pages which are accessed over the internet by typing website URL in the navigation bar. To gain access, Internet connection is needed. A mobile app development, on the other hand, is an application specifically designed for a business unit which can be accessed through smart phone devices from an online store which can be app store or Google play.

The application can be saved on smart a phone or a tablet. When it is saved, then most of the times it can be accessed without the internet. A mobile application is ideal for a repeated and frequent use. It caters to the specific needs of the customers. A website, on the other hand, is mainly designed for the purpose of informing the audience about products, services, events or promotions.

Advantages of Mobile Website Versus Mobile Native Apps

1. Readiness

Mobile websites are instantly available at the touch of a button to the users across varied mobile devices while in the case of the mobile app there is a considerable gap between starting engagement and actual conversion.

2. Flexibility

Mobile apps score over web apps when it comes to flexibility. Changes, if any required in the design or content can be easily carried out on the website. On the other hand, updating an app requires a lot of downloads and push services to the end users. Therefore, a website is easier to update as compared to a mobile application.

3. Wide Access

A website can be easily reached across different platforms and can be shared among the users and search engines as compared to a mobile app which is not much accessible by the users.

4. Time and Expenses

Mobile website development is much more time and cost efficient as compared to the mobile application. If you need to have a mobile presence across different platforms then a mobile website is certainly the best option for you.

5. Easy Sharing

A mobile website can be easily shared among the users with the help of a simple link or a simple blog post link can lead you to a completely new website page, even in print. A mobile app, on the other hand, cannot be easily shared or propagated among the users.

Mobile Website Or Mobile App
Difference Between a Website And a Web App
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