On Demand Tutoring App Development and It’s Features
Published February 16,2019 by Jamie Campbell

On Demand Tutoring App Development and It’s Features

There are websites that function as an open market, selling everything under the sun. And then there are websites that focus on the specific requirements of its consumers like tutoring app development

Today, more and more parents are likely to hire an on-demand tutor who will attend to the child’s specific needs through an online application.

  • Long gone are the days when the search for the right tutor was an arduous one.
  • An online tutor finder app development helps students and parents alike find suitable, on-time and on-demand tutors with the proper specialization to attend to specific needs.

Technical Overview

To help you make the right choice, the following section will provide the key points that one needs to remember to develop an online tutoring app & an online learning platform.

  • A tutoring app works in more ways than one: It is not only meant for the use and ease of parents and teachers but also facilitates institutions who want to build a network of experienced teachers to cater to the needs of students.
  • Why is this viable? With the global K-12 online tutoring industry estimated at billions (a 2016 survey pits the K-12 segment educational industry at a whopping 63.57 billion dollars) and expected to only grow at an exponential rate, several independent coaching centres are moving out of the shadow of bigger firms and building their own tutoring app to be able to better cater to the needs of students.

How to Approach

The first step to building an On demand tutoring app development for your own educational institution is to find the right mobile app development company who specialize in tutor app development.

  • A Google search will immediately arm you with a list of these companies and enable you to sift through it to find the right one (additional tip: look for the creators of already existing apps and start filtering your list based on the similarity of the work).
  • Remember to hire app developers who have adequate experience to develop an online tutoring app, finding which should be difficult given that there are too many in the market to choose from.

Features of Tutoring App Development

A discussion on tutoring apps is incomplete without a few pointers on what the exact uses of such an app are, who (teachers, students, administrators) can utilize it in what ways, and the overall benefits of using such a platform. You can of course build the app according to your needs, but generally these platforms contain namely three primary panels:

  • The student panel (to be accessed by the students/parents)
  • The teacher panel (to be accessed by teachers/educators)
  • The admin panel (to be accessed by administrators or those managing the platform, who mostly likely are educators).

The following section will provide you with an insight into the contents of each of these panels:

1. The Student Panel

Apart from allowing students to easily locate tutors—which can be at the desired geographical proximity or home-tutors; the distance has come to matter less and less in this era of worldwide digital connectivity.

This feature enables students to navigate through the app in search to find the appropriate teacher for them. Some of the links that it can contain are a Login option, a requirements section(where the student can clearly state what kind of attention he or she needs, the topic or the subject, the duration of the session, and the minimum or maximum qualification of the teacher), tutor details, tutor  browser , and a messaging or chatting option. However, how you design the portal depends entirely upon you and you reserve the freedom to include any number of options you deem fit or required.

2. The Tutor Panel

As you would have already guessed by now, the tutor panel is to be used by the tutors. This is a crucial aspect of the app since this is where information regarding the tutors can be found. Each tutor usually has to create a profile (which can be continually updated), so the panel contains a ProfileSetup option, where vital information, such as educational qualifications, years of experience, personal information is found, as well as timings of availability and prior bookings are managed. The tutors can also use this board to keep a track of their engagements, earnings and keep in touch with their students via the messagingor chatting option.

3. The Admin Panel

As mentioned earlier, this end of the platform is for use by the administrators. It is the most vital feature because this equals as the brains of the platform, from where the whole interface is designed, managed and updated. Some of the contents of this include: Analysisof the participants or subscribers of the app as well as the web traffic. This provides the admins with an idea as to how many users the app generates within a certain period of time, which in turn affects how the app steers its direction to gain more efficiency. Apart from the statistics, the admin(s) can also use this board to manage tutors and their services, generate reports and earnings, assign jobs to specific tutors, and introduce and supervise a rating system which both the students and tutors can use to rate their experiences and the quality of the service provided.


Having said all of this, it should be noted that these pointers are not all-encompassing in anyways how you design the platform and make it available for users is limited only by your imagination. Once you hire app developers who can work at your level, the possibilities for your own tutor app development are endless!

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