Restaurant Deals- A Mobile Application that Gives a Discount on Your Time Spent in the Restaurants
Published October 10,2018 by Tvisha

Restaurant Deals- A Mobile Application that Gives a Discount on Your Time Spent in the Restaurants

Let us face it. Food is our inherent need in everyday life. We dream about it, we eat it, and we live for it. Food is much more than what it seems on the surface. It can literally boost up the mood instantly. what if you have a good Restaurant deal? Don’t you think? Unlike people, food never hurt you. When you have an unexpected breakup a tub of ice-cream is all it takes to make things right. With the advancement in technology and innovation, now we even have a mobile app for restaurants to experience nirvana without ever moving from the chair.

Utterly Butterly delicious food call for the money tucked up in our pockets. Phew! But

What if I say that there is a mobile application that offers instant discounts to the customers considering the time spent in the restaurants. Yes, you read it right. No kidding, bruh!

PayMiTime is an application for restaurants that have brought new facets of how things operate and manage in the industry. They pay for your time. But, how does it happen?

Well, you, the customer could choose from any of the empaneled PayMiTime app partners and spend time there by either sipping latte or dining with your buddies. In return, they ensure instant discounts on the bill at that very moment and offer restaurant deals. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Read on to understand how this android application for restaurants works. As a first step, you could choose from the widest range of restaurants based upon your choice, discounts, location, and favorites. Get the mouth-watering menu right on your smartphone, order right away, make your minutes matter. Depending on the restaurant and food type, the offers are like (for instance) the discount of 8% for 0 to 45 minutes.

Probably with the assistance of a comprehensive mobile app development company, PayMiTime has designed the application in a way that even native users can also understand and use it instantly. The user interface is simple and each feature is easy to find that only makes the customers keep using the application.

So, what are you waiting for? There is no love sincerer and secure than the love of the food. Order, dine in and just pay for your time.

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