Social Media App Development Is Just A Few Steps Away. Find Out How?
Published July 02,2019 by Tvisha

Social Media App Development Is Just A Few Steps Away. Find Out How?

Keeping up a kinship with friends and relatives has always been the top priority of the society. Thanks to social media for making things much simpler and easier to achieve that objective. With the fruits of technology, the Social Media App Development has been extending its wings to every direction possible by attracting more and more users. You can always maintain a good relation with your friends and simultaneously you can also search for new friends who match your interests and ideologies.

Now, anyone can share their opinions and thoughts easily that can reach a broad spectrum of people through these applications. With these social media applications, the world appears to be teeny-weeny and it has greatly transformed the way people communicate with each other. Moreover, they have become an inevitable part of our lives. The reach and effect of social media are such that the count of users accessing them is anticipated to reach around 3 million by the year 2021.

Fundamentals of Social Media App Development

The concept of developing innovative social interactions is always great. So, it is necessary to learn and study the technology stacks that are utilized in building these social media applications. Irrespective of your target audience, it is very much required to render them with the best user experience and to offer them the vital features. This social media app development necessitates tri-stage design - for the client, database and backend.

Features of a Social Media App

Creation of profiles: The primary thing your novice users do is they create profiles on this social media platform. A database of users' personal information is important for the developers as it is the crucial element of the social media app development. It is advisable to regain the profile data from Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, etc as it will be difficult to sign up using their email and password. Moreover, this "sign up" option might not interest the users. 

Rendering personalized experience to the users will help you attract them in using your application.

  • Several Photo Effects: This feature helps users in adding various effects to their profile pictures to make them more attractive. Furthermore, they can also apply those customized frames to their profile pictures.

  • Background Colors: This feature enables the user to customize their profile by adding different backgrounds and styles.

  • Customizable Biography: Your user can exhibit their passions, pastimes, food interests, and much more to make their profiles enticing and to mark their uniqueness. They can also add links to their profile, blogs, and their works.

Social Media App News Feed

The newsfeed is a "must and should" factor for the social media application to make it more engaging. Content that is being shown in the newsfeed can be shared by the users in the form of stories, audio, pictures, videos, etc. Also, the content can be managed by the administrators of the application.

Sharing of content is one of the essential features that encourage the user to use your application. This content can be classified as follows

  • What’s up?: Here the users can post anything related to their personal events or activities like what they are doing and where they are going etc. One of the most usual ways of making others know is by tagging or "check-in" the location. This can be simply performed by integrating location API that can retrieve the location of the device from GPS.
  • Self-expression: Various status updates, images, and videos on the users' timeline satisfy the desires of the users to reveal and expose themselves. Most of the social media applications follow this tactic to engage more users. 

Social Media Connections

One of the core attributes of this social media app development is the "connections". Following and sending friend requests who interests the user comes under this feature "connections".

  • Connections based on the content: Content always matters the most. Especially, it helps in increasing audience and developing relations. Users make connections by associating and sharing the content. 
  • Groups: Simply, the groups in social media applications can be described as the communities that connect various users who have similar interests. They act as the best platform to express their views and opinions on a single platform. These groups can be created by various business organizations or by users who have similar passions and hobbies. 
  • Search feature: Every user can search other users by typing their full names or profile names or by the email id. The user can simplify the search results by applying the filters. The filters may comprise a search according to the location, profession, gender, and any data related to the profile. 
  • Profile Recommendations: Relying on the information of the user, the social media app can recommend new users. Your application should thoroughly examine the preferences of the user. You should also provide your users with the option like " I am not interested ". This offers an exceptional user experience.


The desired performance of your application determines the essentials of backend development. Just imagine if you have millions of users at a time, so which backend architecture do you require? We absolutely recommend you to use Ruby on Rails, which can accelerate the development and can also simultaneously satisfy your performance requisites.


It is better to choose among SQLite, NoSQL or PostgreSQL databases like MongoDB. We suggest you apply MySQL or PostgreSQL for the social media app development.

The Cost Involved in Developing Social Media App

Generally, the cost of social media app development is hinged on various factors like

  • The operating system on which you are going to develop your application.
  • The mobile app development company
  • Other added features

To be frank, the more amount you invest more will be the standard of the application.

Why delay? Contact us and unfurl the world-class social media applications that lift your business.

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