Creative Technologies & Trends of Mobile App Development
Published November 29,2017 by Tvisha

Creative Technologies & Trends of Mobile App Development

Thousands of years ago, the first man discovered how to make fire. The world has never been the same again. Innovation after innovation has the world reeling with the pace of technological evolutions. The current times are synonymous with pathbreaking software and mobile applications taking centre stage and driving life at large. The speed, range and the depth in the evolution of mobile app development technology has absolutely no parallel. Practically, Smartphones loaded with myriad apps have taken over the lives of people.

Mobile app development is a growing field as more and more business owners and individuals are developing their mobile apps. In the recent years, Mobile apps industry has seen some breakneck innovations and is undergoing a radical makeover. In today’s life mobile apps are playing an important role in simplifying the daily tasks. We have mobile applications for all the things today. The professional and expert mobile app developers of mobile apps development companies are now developing more and more user-friendly apps that are easy to navigate and cater the client requirements. In order to create and build an eye catchy mobile app for your business website one should keep an eye on the latest trends and technologies.

Trends of Mobile App Development :

1. Beacons Technology

“Spot your potential customer” is the driving feature of this technology. The exact location of the mobile app users is identified with the help of this technology. This technology makes use of Bluetooth low energy devices like tablets, smart phones in order to send the information. Using this power packed technology many great apps across Android and IOS are developed by the mobile app developers. Many are utilising this Beacon technology for sending personalised offers to registered users on their mobile phones by taking help of the customer’s location data assimilated by the site. This creative technology may also accept mobile payment option.

2. Internet of Things

Currently, various enterprises have started to integrate IOT. Means to simplify routine chores has become the top priority of individuals now. The Internet of things is an inevitable feature with revolutionary outcome of the trend towards ubiquitous computing, a trend that assumed the need of embedding processors in everyday object. As most of the people are depending on the mobiles these days, this technology uses the mobile apps to control all the connected devices. It enables anytime and anywhere accessibility with the help of internet connection. It is used to enhance the performance of your business with ultimate user experience. As it is creating a great buzz in the market, many businesses are eager to adopt this Internet of things technology.

3. Cloud Driven Technology

Cloud based technology is another of the prominently emerging trends of mobile app developmentarena. The cloud atmosphere makes complex technologies simple with machine learning technologies. This technology has created the tides in the world and has caused a cogent surge in the world IP data traffic. It is expected that many industrialists and business professionals will also employ this revolutionary element to enhance their productivity. It is highly versatile on variety mobile devices including Smartphones, tablets and notepads. By using this cloud technology, you can save your business a huge amount of time, boost productivity massively and help to improve communications.

4. Swift Programming

Swift is an intuitive and open source programming language improved by Apple for iOS, OS X and watch OS. It combines the best in modern language, thinking with wisdom from the wider Apple engineering culture. It’s Ruby-like functional programming is the supreme aspect of this new software. Even freshers can easily understand the concepts of this language. It utilizes many time saving features like displaying outputs in real time and instant feedback on errors. This saves developers from having to create colossal amounts of code before seeing the results. The unexpected invention of programming languages makes IOS and OS X development as a reliable option in the future years of IT industry.

5. Tight App Security

Ensuring security of data remains to be the top most issue in this technical world for many device manufacturers and app developers. Security of an app is a vital element to consider for every user. With the eye to satisfy the software security needs of users, Google is about to come with a series of app security refinements for the mobile applications thereby proving it to be a highly safe and secure feature. Automatic security updates greatly help in increasing the total app’s security and make the interaction safer and easier.


Mobile apps development will remain as the profitable avenue in the upcoming years with its ever- evolving field of features, which ensure you to be up to date with the latest trends. It is growing at a fast pace with technology changing every other day. It pays to be abreast with the emerging trends in the mobile app development market. 

Technologies of Mobile App Development
Trends of Mobile App Development
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