Ticket Booking App Development: Key Features and Cost Estimation
Published April 15,2019 by Tvisha

Ticket Booking App Development: Key Features and Cost Estimation

Traditional ticket booking has inevitably transformed into a digital platform. With robust smartphone applications at the fingertips, ticket booking has become more accessible than ever. A swipe on the phone, a tap on the payment icon, and the travel reservation, movie seats, appointment, and whatever that requires e-ticketing are done within seconds. Renowned businesses like around the world have gone digital with innovative and advanced ticket booking app development.

The online booking platforms provide customers much convenience and make for a win-win situation for the businesses too-where customers can make travel arrangement and reservations effortlessly; business owners can monitor their bookings remotely and control everything (access to customer details, payment information, discounts, and bookings) through one application. This article will walk you through features, types, and cost of ticket booking applications.

Overview of Ticket Booking App

An online ticket booking application is a software used for reservation management. It allows the activities, events, packages and tour operators to accept reservations online, and remotely manage their phone bookings. The customers today prefer instant gratification, and the online ticket booking is the best solution to it. Here’s why online ticket booking is trending:

  • Through such an application, the service providers decrease the lineups, modify the inventory with a few clicks, and save their time on serving each visitor.
  • It allows the customers to make bookings 24/7, which means they don’t have to wait even when it is a weekend or midnight.
  • Customers have the convenience to make a reservation whenever they need, and the businesses can collect the booking even when all the representatives are fast asleep or vacationing in the Maldives.
  • An online booking application also keeps track of all reservation in details. The managers can generate reports to get an understanding of who their typical customers are, and even get real-time insights to grow their business.

Different Types of Ticket Booking

The online ticket booking applications or systems can be roughly grouped into two kinds: the on-demand ticket booking, and in-advance reservation system.

1. On-Demand Ticket Booking Application

This type of ticket booking system offers faster service that can fulfill customer’s need in real-time. The customer chooses a service, orders it through the app, tracks it through the Google maps, and receives the order in no time. For example:

  • Online Taxi or Cab Services
  • Dedicated delivery services
  • Home Services
  • Laundry Services

2. In-Advance Ticket Reservation or Booking Applications

The In-advance booking system allows the users to make an appointment for future needs using the calendars. Several sectors and companies can benefit through this time of booking system. Some of the vendors of in-advance ticket booking offer the following services:

  • Hospitality Services
  • Food and Beverages: Easy table booking and meal ordering
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Events and Entertainment
  • Beauty and Grooming Services
  • Appointment with the doctors
  • Hotel Booking Services

Features of the Ticket Booking App

An easy to use and visually appealing online ticketing platform is likely to have a better retention rate when compared with others. Any ticket booking app development company emphasizes integrating the best of the features that are built to simplify the booking process and offer a seamless payment mechanism. Mainly, the elements of ticket booking applications can be categorized into two primary heads.

1. Features of the User Panel

App development companies focus on making a user-friendly panel that has easy to use features. It should offer easy checkout features and other customer-centric functionalities to make your services impressive. Some of the highlights of User-panel are:

  • User Registration: The user can submit their contact details and register themselves through the application.
  • Log-in- After the registration, they can log into the application through the required credentials.
  • Choosing Location: The location is detected through GPS or manually inserted.
  • Listings of Services: The home screen displays available services in the selected area, tapping on which a user can navigate to explore more options.
  • Booking Summary: Customer chooses the service they want and proceed for the payment, and also see their booking summary with booking id, timing, price, and so on.
  • Multiple Payment Options: With this, users can make payments through multiple channels.
  • Updates on the Order: They can track the order and check updates.

2. Features of the Admin Panel

The admin panel is where the service provider (or admin) uses the credentials to log into the application and manage users, bookings, and earnings. Some of the features of Admin-panel are:

  1. Log-in- The admin can log into the application through the required credentials.
  2. Dashboard- The dashboard comprises of all information on total bookings, business stats, number of services available, earnings, and so on.
  3. Managing Users and events: This enables the admin to view active users, listed events or services, and make changes of ongoing service, their venue, time, etc.
  4. Booking Manager and Earnings Manager: Through this, the admin can manage bookings, view the reservations, and also see overall earnings, and manage promotional offers.

Factors Determining the Cost of Ticket Booking Apps

  1. Application Design: The trending and best in class designs offer maximum customer satisfaction, and so they have a price of their own. Since the design is an essential factor, which affects both usability and user experience, a great design can push up the developmental cost. But it’s all worth it because it yields a better result in the long run.
  2. App Platform: The cost significantly depends on the type of platform you’ve chosen to make your application available for downloads. Applications running on iOS undergo lesser tests, and thus, the cost is naturally lower than the android applications.
  3. Dynamic Functionality: The cost depends on the features you’d like to add to your application. For dynamic functionalities like Mobile wallet, the price will be higher. If you choose basic functions, the developmental cost will be significantly lesser. Businesses striving to build ticket booking app often start with advanced features to make their applications appear different from others.

In a Nutshell

Ticket booking app offers massive growth opportunity for businesses today because they open the doors of easy ticket access to everyone. The developmental cost depends on features incorporated within the app-including the functionalities of both user and admin panel.

If you are looking for cost-efficient ticket booking app development solutions, it is the right time to contact a reliable online ticket booking app development company.

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