Top 10+ Android App Development Companies in India
Published January 04,2020 by Vamsi Bandi

Top 10+ Android App Development Companies in India

Android and iOS are currently the two most popular platforms for app development. Each operating system requires a different approach for app development that is flexible to the characteristics of the operating system. As a result, the application is ultimately used better and more often.

The recent statistics showed that over 1400 apps are releasing every day through the Google Play Store! The framework of android app development companies in India forms a vast industry. They focus on enhancing business by providing specialist expertise to other companies so that any firm that wants to outsource technological problems turn to their expertise for help.

Developing a mobile app is not a cakewalk as there are a lot of choices and dilemmas for the client that is difficult to oversee before the project. That is why it is crucial to avail of the right information. Partner with anyone among the below list that understands your business requirement and helps you to develop the top-notch app.

List of Top 10 Android App Development Companies in India

1. Tvisha Technologies 

Having a track record of developing over 100+ mobile applications, Tvisha is recognized as the best Android App Development Company. It has served many brands irrespective of the size and form since its inception. It has a decade and a half experience in the app development for various platforms. Their customized solutions exactly align with their client’s requirements. The developers’ crew at Tvisha Technologies has profound knowledge in emerging technologies such as AI, AR, and VR. They can integrate these technologies into the app development to produce robust, intuitive, and outstanding mobile apps from eCommerce apps to gaming apps. They are adept at delivering the app on time and customer satisfaction is their core value with which they hold many happy customers.

2. Wedigtech

Wedigtech puts every effort to design and develop the perfect application for both existing and new organizations. For customers and their end-users, they develop scalable and modern products. Because of the preference for technology and user-friendliness, they always look for the possibilities for developing the most innovative solutions.

3. Samajinfotech

Samajinfotech builds apps that are worth space on your smartphone. Their apps stand head and shoulders above that given the thousands of 5-star reviews they receive. Their team consists of developers who deliver the high quality that matches the core values of your business. They constantly up to date on emerging technologies and new techniques. The team always strives for providing the best result. Whether the client businesses are a start-up or a multinational, delivering quality is its mission.

4. Rapidsofttechnologies

Rapidsofttechnologies devises and develops intelligent Android Applications. Their team of keen business analysts, online marketeers, experienced project managers, and passionate developers help design and develop web apps. They discuss with clients transparently about the business requirements and create robust apps.

5. Kaysharbor

Kaysharbor - the android Application Development Company located in both India and Canada. Since 2011, it has been developing native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps for various companies and organizations. Many assignments at Kaysharbor are based on confidentiality because they won’t reveal all projects in the portfolio.

To get an idea of which type of apps they develop, you can feel free to view our portfolio or contact us. Their expertise lies with the internet of things, e-learning apps, business apps, and marketing apps. With years of experience, the team has a specialist in developing native apps, web apps and hybrid apps for iOS, Android and the web.

6. Kwebmaker

This ambitious start-up located in Mumbai has grown into an innovative software company with more than 50 employees. It has proven to be one of the best Android Application Development Companies in India since 2008. It develops customized software for companies that want to distinguish themselves from their competitors based on the requirements of the organization and end-users. With a sense of business and their expertise in technology and user experience, they develop top-notch applications for their customers.

7. Cyfuture

Since 2001, Cyfuture has the best Android App Developers in India by providing creative business solutions ensuring high-caliber execution and improvised brand picture. They have more than 2000 technical experts taking into the diversified requirements of organizations from various sectors, such as real-estate, educational institutes, government, software industries, etc., Being its client-centric approach, the team always ensure to integrate the technical intelligence with business requirements to achieve desired results within the deadline. Their vision is to give extraordinary client experience and support on the latest methodologies.

8. iROID Technologies

iROID Technologies offers a wide range of eCommerce development services for its clients. The team builds innovative design and development on a solid strategic framework. Its technical experts are always ready to accept the challenges of new techniques and trends. Because of the relentless journey in adopting advances and developments, they have developed as a one-stop-shop offering Business and Technology Consultation. They are considered to be one of the most reliable Android Application Development Companies in India by their clients as they follow the customer-oriented service model.

9. Works Delight

Choosing the perfect outsourcing accomplice for custom software development is the basic choice that effects the general business. Workdeslight is an industry-leading Android app development company in India and ahead with a consultative approach for the best possible result. Since day one of their business, they are backed with the innovative design and development and experienced iOS and Android app developers in India who have a successful track record. The employees at Worksdelight easily understand the client’s requirements and meet the complex business challenges with the top of the line procedures just as Information Technology (IT).


Choosing the right partner to solve these problems is not a cakewalk and vast choice also increases the confusion while making the decision-making. To pick the appropriate software partner, the emphasis should be on the company’s transparency, development process, and proactiveness. Besides, the company should have domain knowledge in developing android apps since each mobile platform functions under a distinct environment.

Android App Development Companies in India
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