Top 5 Reasons Why People Uninstall Your App
Published November 10,2023 by Tvisha

Top 5 Reasons Why People Uninstall Your App

Apps are created after much research and analysis. A lot of planning goes into creating an app. Also, multiple tests are conducted for due diligence. In spite of all this, 65-85% users uninstall your app within 90 days of downloading. So what goes wrong? In order to rectify the error you first need to find the reasons for uninstallation. However, certain factors involve boosting your app performance and need utmost guard.

Understand App Uninstall Reasons and Boosting Performance

Let’s look at the reasons for apps getting uninstalled and tips that will be useful to boost your app’s performance

1. Technical Issues

Most app users will be very harsh on slow performing apps. An app that takes time to load or crashes too often will be immediately uninstalled as it may spoil the device as well. Present generation wants all the information instantly and when an app does not fulfil this requirement it will quickly move on to another one. Hence, test your app before launching and keep measuring its performance periodically.

2. User Friendly

Mobile app developers sometimes may go overboard in showcasing their talent by creating complex designs where the customer does not have ready access to the information and has to go searching for it. If the user finds the app confusing, they will uninstall the app. So the best solution is to keep it simple and user-friendly.

3. Size of the App

There is an app for everything whether it is banking, shopping, hotel reservation, flight booking etc. Most smart phone users will have multiple apps on their device which will occupy a lot of their space. Hence the size of the app really matters and the users will delete unused apps to get some free space. Here you can also consider compressing images for reducing the size.

4. Privacy Concerns

Apps ask for all kinds of permissions before installation. Sometimes they will ask you to give them permissions to access certain features on your phone that are not related to the app in any way like accessing your photos, videos, contacts, messages etc. This may not be liked by a lot of customers and they may want to leave the app instantly. So while launching a new app, stick to permissions that are necessary for the app only.

5. Difficult Sign-up

Customers don’t wish to go through a long and tedious sign-up process. Hence it is best to allow them to register through Google or Facebook account. Apps should have an easy and quick registration process or the customers are bound to leave them.

Learn How to Increase Your App Installations With Simple Tips:

• Cache and re-size images
• Re-use templates
• Measure performance regularly
• Try and anticipate user requirement
• Keep a simple design

Proper analysis of the market will help to get an understanding of the customer’s likes and dislikes. Once you know what makes the users uninstall your app, you will be in a position to correct it and serve them better. Taking feedback from customers can also be useful in making timely corrections and upgrades to the app.

Why People Uninstall Your App
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