Top Mistakes To Avoid While Developing A Mobile App Development
Published November 20,2019 by Tvisha Technologies

Top Mistakes To Avoid While Developing A Mobile App Development

Every business is embracing mobile technology ever than before. That is the reason, the mobile app has become the lifeline of a business. It has revolutionized and changed the way a business operates and it has become a necessity to stand out among the cut-throat competition.

Every industry either large or SMEs are developing its own apps. However, do you know 80% of apps in the app stores and play stores are abandoned after a single use in spite of hefty sums invested in them?. If you crave to make a mark in the industry, read on to know these mistakes that often ignored by both the business owner and mobile app development companies before creating an app.

Here are the Mistakes To Avoid While Developing A Mobile App

1. Excluding Market Research

Market research is the key to an app’s success. These days people are going after the crowd without analyzing what they want actually. Profound research on these elements is imperative.

Conduct surveys to identify what keeps your customers and what doesn't keep. It helps in finding the perfect pitch to pitch the app. The thorough research on the aforementioned points helps your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in hitting the tunnel. It reveals the right track and right route for your mobile app to reach the right destination. Customer’s persona and your USP should go-hand -in hand since market analysis lays a solid foundation in shaping your app.

2. Not Choosing the Right Company and Developer Crew

The mobile app, in other terms revenue generator. Don't expect a top-notch app without approaching the right android app development company and the developers who can build an app that matches your business requirements. It helps in not only shrinking the budget but also increasing your returns. Analyze before itself about the expertise of the company and the developers in the area of your requirement so that they structure your app in the required manner. 

3. Not Transparent in Presenting the Requirements

Communicating crystal clear requirements in detail is imperative. Because without a clear objective in mind, the developers can’t build the required app. Things may go wrong and the budget will be beyond your imagination. Ask the website design and development company whether it can build an app, unlike the website. Because the website and the mobile app differs in many variants such as UI/UX and accessibility.

4. Choosing the Wrong Platforms

Based on the above-undertaken research, your app platform will be chosen. If you overlook the first point, it affects the next crucial steps of app development. The market research and your business requirements can reveal beforehand whether your app requires native or cross-platform. If you are targetting either Android or iOS users, then opt for native app development and if you are targeting the countrywide or global users, then opt for cross-platform.

Besides, keep in mind that designing the app on all platforms is a waste of budget and having an app on a single platform narrows the range of the reach. Decide the platform that reaps profits for your business.

5. Including Extravagant Features

Coming to the features, don’t make the app complex by incorporating unnecessary features. It is a waste of time and money. Check whether the feature solves the challenge of your business requirement or not. Then decide whether that feature deserves to be included in the app or not. Otherwise, you will run out of the budget constraints only on extravagant features.

It is better to start your app with the minimum viable product (MVP) and enhance the features from time to time. It helps in saving the additional costs.

6. Avoiding App Marketing 

Done with building an app?. Don't unwind. Do you think users retain your business for a long time?. No!. Use retention is like flowing water. If you want to make the flow stand by, you have to build a wall around them and maintain it. Likewise, market your app to maximize user retention. It plays an important role in any app’s success by making broad awareness. Use push notifications and run ads to fuel your marketing efforts. Approach an iOS app development company that can also render App marketing services.

7. Updates – The Often Neglected Virtue

The process of app development won’t finish with deploying the app on all app stores and app markets. Don’t decrease the apps' life span without updating its features. As trees need water to grow, your app needs to be updated to make your business flourish. Without any enhancements and improvements in the application, it won’t stand on the crowd.

8. Ignoring User Feedback

It is another big mistake that many businesses overlook. Responding to the customer feedback helps in understanding the user expectations and enhancing the features hence help in improving the app performance. Otherwise, it blows your budget to a top-notch.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, don’t make haste in creating a mobile app without prior and proper analysis of every aspect of the development process. Build a top-notch mobile app next app by associating with the top mobile app development company that avoids the aforementioned mistakes.

Mistakes To Avoid While Developing A Mobile App Development
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