Trusted Contacts – Soaring Trends In Android App Development
Published December 09,2016 by Tvisha

Trusted Contacts – Soaring Trends In Android App Development

Have you ever thought about the increasing popularity of android app development in today’s ever growing mobile world? If not, this blog will solve all your confusion or misunderstandings regarding Android App Development. With increased use of mobiles across geographical territories, the need for mobile app development is felt increasingly all around the world. As such, it is highly essential for every entrepreneur to meet the user requirements by implementing latest technologies.

There are two robust platforms available in the market for mobile app development i.e. iOS and Android. But question arises regarding the proclivity of platform for mobile app development as per the need of your business. Actually, while it appears a million dollar issue, the answer is very simple. as android app development company is doing a remarkable job on the grounds of mobile app development.

As per a survey a result, around 55% of market is conquered by Android and by 2017, its expected to shoot up further. Mobile phones play a key role in the daily hustle bustle of our lives. In this context, it makes lot of relevance to adopt to mobile technology and reach out to your mobile-gazing customers through the latest technology.

Mobile App Developers at Google are clocking hard to augment the level of services to IT fraternity. Currently, Google has come up with a new brand Android app – Trusted Contacts – that will share your location. With the help of this app, you friends and family members, (your trusted contacts) can take a deep breath and stop worrying regarding your safety.

Coming as it does from the Android stable, Trusted Contacts is loaded with a bevy of features. Take a look.

Trusted Contacts App Features

  • The app will share your current location data with people of your choice in real time.
  • The app is available in the Android market for free download iOS version is currently on the drawing table.
  • You need a sign in process in the app and add your reliable contacts and you are all set to use the app.
  • After the sign up process, any contact from your chosen set can request for your location and that too at any time.
  • If you do not respond, it will get a direct access anyway from the app.
  • The app provides full facility to see the exact location of that person in real time and not just limited to the address.
  • This app also provides a superb facility of sending a rapid emergency alert to any contact if required.
  • You can also track a person’s last seen just as in WhatsApp.
  • Additionally, your contact can get your phone battery level.
  • It’s a damn good app for knowing the real time location of any person and can be alerted of any emergency situations encountered by that person as it provides his/her location every single minute.

This app is worth trying and is very helpful for people as it enables a constant update on the movements of ones near and dear.

App Developers all around the world are finding new ideas to turn them into reality for bringing a major change in the IT industry. If you are also thinking to increase your sales and expand your business worldwide, just adopt the app development sector and see the rapid change and profit in your business.


Android app development is growing all over the world and Google is working hard on that to reach the unexpected peak. You have to adopt current technological changes for enhancing your business arena. Also, you should use the latest Android apps for enjoying awesome features and making your life simpler. Just grab the technological opportunities and go global and boost your business ROI.

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