What are Super Apps and How to Build them?
Published September 15,2022 by SRIDHAR

What are Super Apps and How to Build them?

In today’s era, people spend their time using different applications on their Smartphones to satisfy their everyday needs like online shopping, paying bills, buying groceries, ordering food, etc. If a question pops up in our mind, we google it. So people spend most of their time with their mobile phones for every issue online.

People use applications that meet their needs most. But using different apps for a variety of things can increase app fatigue. With the immense growth in the global app industry, large-scale enterprises are designing an app that is a one-stop solution for providing multiple services called ‘Super Apps.’ The concept of Super Apps originated in China. So, it is essential at first to know What are Super Apps?

A super app is a single mobile application that offers multiple services. It is similar to providing shops to sell various services and products. It also provides retail space for other businesses on a single platform.

How to Build a Super App?

The model of the super app is slowly marking its presence in the US, Southeast Asia, and India. Hence, it is necessary to build a super app.

In the Asian market, there are already a few super apps launched. Tata Neu is an example of a super app launched in the Indian market on April 7th, 2022. It seems to be gaining massive recognition from people.

Tvisha Technologies has built two super apps called Troop Messenger and Clap Messenger to fulfil all business needs. On the other side, the leading companies like Uber, Facebook, and Amazon are looking to offer multiple services through a super app.

Why Build a Super App?

The trending topic in recent days is all about the super app. Because you can receive multiple services on one platform, it is necessary to build a super app because it helps entrepreneurs scale quickly. As they grow, they can keep on adding multiple on-demand services to gain customer loyalty.

It also saves them from trouble developing a new app each time they get an idea because you can incorporate all the app services and ideas into one single application.

As many apps are present in App Store and Play Store, it is becoming complicated to keep customers. Users have limited storage space, which makes them not download a specific app. It is not a good idea to make the user download every application. At this point, it is essential to build a super app to remove this imbalance and reduce the time taken to finish a specific task.

Many users prefer to utilize cost-effective applications which offer them on-demand grocery delivery, food delivery, house cleaning, cab booking, bill payments, etc. If an organization provides these services through a super app, it will ultimately increase its customer engagement and total revenue.

Steps For Building a Super App

1. Selecting the Platform

Web App: You create a website in a web application development platform and personalize it for mobile. When looking at web apps, they seem similar to hybrid or native apps. However, they run using browsers. 

Mobile App: The application software designed to run on a mobile device such as Tablet or Smartphone is a mobile application. They provide the same services that you can access on PCs. However, they are individual and small software units with limited operations. There are two types of mobile apps, Hybrid and Native:

Hybrid App: You can install hybrid applications on any devices and they are similar to native apps. However, they run through web browsers. Every hybrid app is developed by using the HTML5 programming language. They possess the excellent capability to streamline the process of development.

Native App: These applications are created for single platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android. Native apps have their development tools and programming languages.

If you are a Super Apps Developer, you have to choose the platform discussed here based on the target users. If you want to develop a super app for a specific set of audiences, use a native app. If it is broader, you have to make one app for Android and another for iOS. Of course, you can use hybrid application platforms. But the native app is the one that has better UI/UX and is faster. An App Development Company has to pick one platform, mainly depending on its requirements and budget.

2. List of Features

You have to include certain features while you build a super app.

GPS: It is the characteristic that allows individuals to track service providers and their live locations.

Integration of social media: It is the feature that offers access to users for app login. It makes the sign-up and sign-in process easy and quick.

Supporting multi-languages: The app has to enable users to choose their language. Therefore, it needs to support multiple languages.

Send push alerts: Utilizing this feature, the service providers can send alerts to customers regarding any upgrades.

Payment gateway integration: Using the right option for online payment will encourage users to pay on the web.

Other features also include providing services like Home Service, On-demand Ride Service, Instant Messaging Service, etc.

3. Tech Stack

You need the best technology to build a super app that has to be powerful and robust in handling distinct operations all at once.

Tech Stack is the technology suite that consists of languages, processes, frameworks, and other tools.

4. Languages

  • Web: Angular, Node, React, PHP, Laravel, Laminas, Codeignitor
  • Android: Kotlin, Dart, Java.
  • iOS: Swift, Objective C, Dart

5. Processes

6. Tools

  • Jira
  • Github
  • Troop Messenger
  • Troop CRM
  • Sonarcube
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Appium
  • Xcode

Other tools

  • Operations and productivity - Google Drive, Google Tag Manager, Google Fit SDK, G-Suite.
  • Analytics - Yahoo! Analytics, Google Analytics, Mixpanel.
  • Finance - Square, Google Wallet.
  • Email Marketing - Mailgun, Mandril, MailChimp.

7. Design and Development

Suppose you are from an E-commerce website development company that is also designing applications that wish to grow in business. In that case, you have to build a super app for providing multiple services to users under one roof.

Before starting to create a super app, you should decide the application's goals, target audience, features, and business model. Now is the time for beginning with data architecture once you finalize the functionality of an application, like users' interaction with your business, features, and flow of app navigation. For example, suppose you are from a Mobile App development companies using a Mobile E-commerce strategy that wishes to offer all e-commerce solutions and other multiple services to users. In that case, create a super app and decide on all the things mentioned above.

The next step is to create the wireframes to help you understand your app's abstract concept. You will have your mobile app's entire structure while using wireframes. You can make decisions based on logic later.

Even before beginning with back-end coding, creating wireframes will allow you to see how the future super app will appear to you. It involves pop-ups, buttons, text fields, many more, etc. You can then request the developers to start with back-end coding and headless store front-end development after getting fulfilled with creating the wireframes.

8. Testing and Going Live

After building a Super App, it comes the time to go live with your super app. First, you need to ensure that it is best to use and bug-free. The development team of your company will perform app alpha testing internally.

You also have to test the applications with the actual users too. For this purpose, you do beta testing. You will receive feedback from the users regarding the experience of users and app performance while you use beta testing. Users report any bugs or issues to you, so they are fixed in this testing. Now comes the time for you to launch the super app in the current market.

Advantages of Using Super Apps

The Rise of Super Apps makes any Super App development company look forward to designing a super app for its business. So let's discuss some of the benefits of using a super app.

  • The end-users can use it for different services in one place.
  • A super app reduces the long way to use a service. It can provide the user with great convenience and comfort.
  • It saves the memory and device space of the user and simplifies their usage of the internet.
  • It enables individual and uniform user experience.
  • It allows foreigners and domestic retailers to access the market quickly.

Things you need that tell a Super App is Successful

  • Money: As the super apps integrate different offerings jointly into one app, you have to make sure that you have a specific budget to fulfil any requirement you will face. Therefore, it is crucial to decide about these things while you create a super app.
  • Customer base: Startup companies need to have a specific customer base to populate a super app. For this reason, you have to begin creating your loyal customer base and make it reach you widely.
  • Well-made infrastructure: When you recruit experienced teams for your project of making a super app, you have to possess a healthy working environment. So, it is crucial to pick the right solutions and the correct platforms to allow them to perform their tasks.
  • Expert assets: If you are thinking of planning something more significant, you shouldn't compromise your talent and skill. You have to hire exceptionally skilled and experienced teams to complete your super app project successfully on time.
  • Time: For developing a successful super application, you need a specific time amount. If you don't have the required time to start creating a super app, it is not worth investing in making a super app. 

What is the Future of Super Apps?

With the immense growth of super apps, there's a bright future for super apps in the market. This is because they can offer all the services provided by several apps in only a single service space.

The super application's success lies in the single platform on which it has emerged in providing solutions for all the user's needs at once. They will be more successful than now as they understand the country-specific preferences of targeted users more than any other applications. And, it is perceived strongly in all of those regions. It is why it is evolving onto each of the currently used platforms.

Best Super Apps That are Influencing the Market Trends

As implied above, super apps will undoubtedly become the future of humankind, and even though we choose not to abide by them, we will be compelled to use them. Humankind tends not to like change or evolution, but we successfully adapt to it and start living alongside evolution again, seeking another upgrade.

Many users and companies misinterpret the term "super app." A mobile app that sells a wide range of products and services does not make it a super app. Super apps depend on mini programs, which are little apps operating inside other apps. They don't require downloading from or being upgraded via app stores. They let one app carry out the tasks of multiple apps. The chores are limited experiences that make it simple to execute various tasks improving the digital customer experience.

As aforementioned, the new super apps in India, such as Clap Messenger and Tata Neu, are getting much-deserved attention from the users, but I am sure it is just the beginning of triumph.

Here is the list of super apps known for improving digital customer experience.

1. Tata Neu


Tata Neu app is one of the super app in India that unites all of the company's online services and apps from over a dozen market-leading consumer brands in electronics, fashion, travel, hospitality, groceries, pharmacy, and financial services on one platform. The app's user experience is good despite the potential limitations of the services and products. Future integration with third-party apps is also possible, most likely in cases where the Tata Group is

not active in the relevant industries. The tutorials cover a wide range of topics, including utilizing the point-based reward system, taking advantage of discounts, handling gifting, and much more.

Over 11 million users have downloaded the Tata Neu app, per the data from App Annie, a mobile app tracking provider.

In an interview with Tata Review, we aim to have 100-150 million NeuPass users in the next two to three years, according to Pratik Pal, CEO of Tata Digital.

2. Troop Messenger


Troop Messenger may not fall into the same category as the other super applications described above, but it will unquestionably take the crown when it comes to business super apps.

Troop Messenger adheres to the super app concept of offering all necessary services in a single app, thereby positioning itself as a business super app. For instance, as Troop Messenger was created as a one-stop solution for all business communication needs, a user doesn't have to rely on various services for different requirements like audio/video calls, conferences, remote access, screen sharing, and others.

Troop Messenger prefers to be an on-premise chat because it promotes security. However, it can also be made available as a SaaS, chat APIs & SDKs, and other models upon the request of customers or clients. You can judge the reliability of this team chat app by the fact that Defense agencies utilize it for defense collaboration services. This office chat app is highly recognized for its employed security features that prompted data conscious industries to opt for it.

3. Gojek


Gojek is a digital payment technology company established in Jakarta that offers various on-demand services in Indonesia. In 2009, a call center connecting customers to courier delivery and two-wheeled ride-hailing services was launched as the first Gojek in Indonesia. GoRide, GoSend, GoShop, and GoFood were the first four services available when Gojek first released its app in 2015. Gojek, valued at US$10 billion, has developed into a super app offering more than 20 services.

Gojek is both the first unicorn and the first decacorn company in Indonesia. Gojek operates in the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is the only company from Southeast

Asia to appear on Fortune's list of the World's 50 Most Influential Companies in 2017 and 2019, where it is ranked 17 and 11, respectively.

4. Grab


Grab is the leading super app in Southeast Asia. Starting as an on-demand taxi service, it has grown into a thriving platform that provides standard services like food, grocery delivery, and transportation via a mobile app. It was created to advance Southeast Asia by enabling economic empowerment for all people. It successfully achieved this goal by captivating up to 670 million people in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia to use it frequently for necessities of daily life, establishing it as one of the best super apps in Southeast Asian nations.

Grab expanded its activities to include logistics, hotel booking, food delivery, banking services, grocery shopping, ticket purchase, and an on-demand movie platform, among other things.

5. Clap Messenger


Going by the brand name, you may mistake it as an alternative to chatting apps in India, but Clap Messenger is way beyond it. In other words, you can call it a super chat app.

Clap Messenger is one of only two instant messaging-focused super apps, and given its unique features, it is regarded as one of the leading super apps in India.

Along with texting and calling, with the further releases you may split the money, utilize chat polls, share albums, protect your passwords in a vault, use matrimony, file deck, join communities, use a document scanner, explore events, record calls, schedule appointments, and more. The second phase will see the introduction of third-party merchants for ordering food, making travel arrangements, paying credit cards and loans, paying for utilities, shopping, and other services.

6. Rappi


Rappi is one of Latin America's widely used super apps, with a market value of about 3.5 billion. It offers users quick delivery of various items, including food, clothing, and medications, as well as a range of financial services and a platform for booking events, concerts, travel, and hotel stays.

Rappi began in 2015 as a platform for food and grocery delivery. Still, as more services were added, it evolved into a Super App that offers users a variety of various services. It is now available in 250 cities across nine countries in the region such as México, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, and Brasil — and has 10 million active users each month.


Transportation, e-commerce, payment banks, the health sector, Fintech, and travel services are already trying to build a super app. They use super apps to provide all of their services to their customers on one platform. Super apps will continuously grow and target the audience of a broader market. The super apps flow will increase in the coming decade. It will help different users avail multiple services through a feature-rich super app with convenience and comfort.

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