Babysitter Mobile Application

Babysitter Mobile Application

Every day and time wouldn't be the same as they used to be in the past. We can notice many women going to work even after having children. As busy parents, Life is a balancing act and most of the parents especially working parents need childcare that's reliable, trustworthy and available‚ even at the last minute. The great trouble parents face is to organize the time between parenting and their occupation. That's how the process of finding a babysitter comes in to picture through which parents can book the sitters who take care of the baby. So in such situations, consulting a babysitter organization is a huge sigh of relief for parents. For the ones who are wishing to start an application, consult a BabySitter Software Development Company that understand your requirements.

Generally, Babysitter apps act as a great exposition for babysitters to trade their baby care service and organize their work by setting foot into the BabySitter Mobile App Development. With this, babysitters have a great chance to collaborate with working parents by exhibiting their skill and real-time availability. It aids you to promote their services through feedbacks and ratings of previous work.

Of course, we at Tvisha Technologies feel ecstatic for being the premier BabySitter Software Development Company. We develop cutting-edge solutions in accordance with your business requirements.

Our Babysitter Application Developers are adept and designing solutions that are simple to use and also they possess features that promote security, trustworthy to the parents. Moreover, our applications are hassle-free.

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App Features

Social Login
This feature enables your customer to login into the application using social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram etc, with valid credentials. Using this feature user can reset and change the password if they forget the password. Your customer will receive the password to the registered mobile number through SMS or will receive through Email. Your customer can also post and view any events or baby sitter related schools or centers near their location, and they can also share the information with their friends and chat with the people through social media. This feature helps your customers in connecting with various other baby center owners and also people who already have details regarding the bookings and kids centers.
Nearby babysitters
Our BabySitter Software Development Company can design the solution that allows the user to view and search for nearby babysitters which becomes simple for parents to choose the center if registered into the application. Once the application displays the list of baby sitter centers user can select one, and view the images and all the information/details of the center. Using this feature parent are displayed with a live map of available babysitters near them that can be booked on demand.
Bookings & Appointments
Using this feature your customer can search and view the list of baby sitter centers based on location and they can select and book the baby sitter slot. This feature helps your customer in booking and also user can request for booking by making payments online or through cash. This feature helps your staff to look for resource availability and help your customers in providing the best service. This feature helps your customer in booking appointments, scheduling appointments from the list of available staff from anywhere and anytime, by connecting to the internet.

Wallet System
Once the user is done with the booking and Scheduling they can choose the mode of payments like Online, cash or Wallet. After selecting the mode of payment your customer can complete the payment for availed service and receive a payment confirmation message from the app owner. Using these feature parents can pay for the service using the wallet option and receive points, where the wallet points can be added through referral programs. If your customer payment fails they will receive an SMS or in-App notification for unsuccessful payment. Parents can also recharge their wallets using payment gateways.
Promo Code
Your customer can avail promo offers coupon codes that are set by the respective owner as per the Terms & Conditions. Using this feature, your customer can view the deals and promo code provided by the centers. This feature helps your customer to pick a service and view the list the promo codes in order to get the discount on the selected baby service. If they wanted to utilize a promo code, this feature allows them to enter the promo code which will be generated by the owner of the app. If your customer fails to use the promo code after the valid date, the promo expires and they cannot use it anymore. Using this feature your customer can also get a discount on their bookings and also they can view the list of availed and expired promo code as per the date filtering. Using promo codes your customer can get discounts on their bookings.
Chat room and Communication feature
Our APP Developers build the solutions where parents can easily communicate with the baby sitter service staff and the baby at the center. This feature helps the parents and service center staff to chat with each other before confirming the booking so that there will be better and effective communication between staff and parents. Moreover, parents can get updates about their kids from their respective staff.
Live Video Chat
This feature helps the parents in connecting with the baby sitter service center in live using in-app video call feature which will be integrated into the application. Also, the parent can live stream their baby and see whether the baby is being taken care of in a good and efficient manner by the service center staff or not. Parents can use this feature through the web and mobile applications from anywhere and anytime by having access to the internet.
Reviews & ratings
Our BabySitter Mobile App Development entails parents to give ratings and view the past review of other parents before booking the baby sitter. This feature helps the parents in writing a review of their booked baby sitter. This feature enables the parents to rate the service center, staff, and the application. Furthermore, your customer can give feedback on the service that was availed by them.
Cutting-edge solutions at your end
Get a helping hand from a non-family member
Better and easy communication between kids, parents and baby sitter centers
Parents can view the live stream of their baby
Children won’t be bored
Parents can get instant updates about the child even when they are away from home
Drives them to children activities
SMS gateway Integration: 
For the users to receive one time passwords.

Social media integration: 
For the user to entail registration through social media apps like facebook etc. 

Wallet integration: 
For your user to allow payment through wallet apps like Paytm etc.

Payment gateway integration: 
For your user to pay the fees.

Email integration: 
For your user to receive notification directly to their email.

Video player Integration: 
For the parents to view their child live.

Audio Player Integration: 
For the parents to listen to their children.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

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