Business Intelligence Application

Business Intelligence Application

In the era of digitization, everything is driven by technology. The things that were thought to be impossible are now achievable with the furtherance of technology. This business intelligence software Development is one such thing that has enthralled many companies. It is necessary to perceive that the Business Intelligence mania has been persisting on for ages. This technology can be integrated into your design concepts easily to estimate the performance of your application and you can simply come up with the strategies to increase your market.

Short Insights

Our business intelligence app development company develops an application that the most utilized methods by companies from around the earth. The method is an absolute and complete exposition of the data concerning to the businesses that will create a foundation for experts in exerting significant judgments affecting businesses. Many organizations in India today are utilizing these extensive tools to obtain essential perception into their business so that they can make vital adjustments and modifications. It is the best way to efficiently increase your customer base.

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We at Tvisha Technologies feel proud for being the eminent business intelligence app development company. We offer services that rely upon innovative methodologies and robust technologies to provide a clear BI aspect to your business. We leverage the right tools, established ideologies, and qualified policies to bring insights which enable you to steer the exponential increase of digital data.

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App Features

Data Source
The data source is an important feature for extracting data and acts as a parent for business intelligence application. The data source can be SQL, NoSQL or excel where we possess data and can upload into the application. The data source can be integrated into applications through database APIs.
Data Extraction
Our business intelligence software Development contains a Data Extraction feature which is a module where we pull out data from databases for visualization. Data extraction can be from SQL queries or importing data from excel sheets. This application provides a user interface for writing queries for specific databases.
Data Visualization
Data Visualization helps users to visualize the things in the form of charts, graphs, maps. These are visualized based upon user selections and Business scenarios. Data Visualization can be visualized based upon user selection data set and visuals can be changed when there are continuous changes in data.
Our business intelligence software Development contains a dashboard that helps users to view all the reports at a single place. The dashboard can view Multiple reports and can view the information at a glance.
Reports can be generated based upon data set selection and can share the reports with other users by giving secured access like editing or only viewing.
Mobile Visualizing Device Management
Mobile visualizing device management is important for making mobility easier through this application.  When reports are generated in the dashboard, we can generate a link and can provide access for specific user accounts for the specific report in this application. Notifications will be shared with specific users. We open this application in mobile where we can view the only dashboard which we have access for the user account.
Filters in this application help users to differentiate the information in the visualization. User can apply colors for certain data sets, can look at the data in percentages, count value. User can arrange data sets like data sets shown in x-axis and y-axis for line and bar charts. This makes easier for users to get information in their convenient manner.
Data Connectors
Our business intelligence software Development has Data Connectors that connects the multiple data sets providing relationship among them. This helps when there is a continuous change in data and when there is a dependency on one data set to other data set.
Documentation is important for transferring the amount of knowledge transfer easily and helps to convey the Proper information in meetings.  This application enables documentation and It can be generated by the selection of reports and exported in pdf formats.
This business intelligence software Development has cloud-based, mobile-based platforms where users can open their account and publish data in cloud or mobile. So, users can view live dashboards based on the published source.
Efficiently increase your customer base.
Data-Driven Business Decisions
Faster Understanding of Data through Visualization
Secured Access for sharing Dashboard
Clear Insights of Business at a glance
Increase in Efficiency
Data sets can be imported through different technologies
Charts Integration: For Generating charts.Payment Gateway: For Product Subscriptions.Data Base API Integration:Database Integration into Application for providing a Data source into the application.

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